December Ipsy Bag!

It’s like Christmas came early! If you don’t know what Ipsy is then you can click here for their website but basically it’s a monthly, $10 beauty subscription bag usually filled with 5 different hair, makeup, skincare, etc. products. If you don’t have it and you want it (it’s pretty amazing, like Christmas every month) then you can click here. Alright, now on to the good stuff.


The bag this month was black with a berry zipper with a berry inside as well. There was a little heart on the zipper. The material is smooth and will probably clean up very easily if you plan on using it for a makeup bag. It looks pretty plain but it would match with a lot of different purses, wallets, etc. The quality feels pretty good and I like the berry zipper so I’m not complaining.


The first product is a Sexy Hair product, 450 degree blowout. Basically you spray it on damp hair and then blow dry it for “smooth, shiny and frizz free hair. I’ve never tried one of their products so I don’t really know what to expect here and I don’t blowdry my hair that often. It has a light, somewhat fruity scent. It’s very pleasant and not at all overpowering. A full size is 4.2oz and $18.95 on Ulta’s website. The sample is 1.7oz It seems to have gotten pretty good reviews so I’m excited to try it.


The next product is a facial cleanser from Beauty Without Cruelty. Again, never heard of this brand but it’s cool to get something that is cruelty free. I need a new face cleanser so this is exciting. It says that it is lightly foaming and also soap free. It seems like it will be fairly gentle which is good for my skin. It has a light fresh, clean scent and comes in a gel. On you can get 250mL for $10.99. The sample is 59mL. This also seems to have gotten good reviews so another good product for me.

Alright this next one is from Cailyn. I’ve gotten some of their lip products in past bags and loved them so I’m pretty excited to try a different kind of product from them. This is one of their just mineral eye polishes in the color #5 Orchid. It’s kind of a light rose gold color that can seem just gold in some lights as well. It’s really pretty and I can see using it for some natural looks or over other colors for something more dramatic. It goes on smoothly and the packaging keeps the loose pigment in the bottle while still allowing you to get product. I’m really excited to try this one. This is a full size and usually sells for $15 on Cailyn’s website.

IMG_1988 IMG_1989

Next is a Nyx butter lip balm in the shade BLB05 Marshmallow. This is another full size product that you can get from Ulta for $3.99. I really like Nyx products. They’re reasonably priced and usually, in my experience, pretty good quality. This is a brown, slightly peachy nude. It goes on the lips very sheer but you still get a little bit of color. It actually works well because it just adds a little color to your natural lip color so it’s a good way to try new colors and also usually looks good because it works with your lip color. I’ve been on the hunt for a good nude lippy so this is nice. It will be a nice lip balm to through on for those lazy days when I still want to look nice. It has a slight candy sweet scent but nothing overpowering. It feels nice on the lips and isn’t too sticky. Again, another product I’m excited about.

IMG_1991  IMG_2004IMG_1990

Alright, last product is the lights, camera, lashes mascara from Tarte. I’m really excited for this one! I love trying new mascaras and Tarte is one of the few “high end” lines I’ve actually gone out and bought stuff from. It’s got the classic bristle wand that’s fairly short and skinny. It would be pretty easy to use on lower lashes. It has a pretty wet formula which is something I usually don’t like. After putting it on today though, it seems to keep my lashes separated fairly well. I would like a bit more volume but it does add good length. I don’t know about the staying power, which is important to me, but I’m excited to try it. The full size is .24oz and $20 from Sephora and this sample is .1 oz.

IMG_2003 IMG_1995  IMG_1998

I’m really excited about this bag. I wasn’t disappointed by any of the products and the bag is alright, not the best but not the worst. I’m excited to try all of these products so hopefully toward the end of the week I’ll get back to you on how the products are working.


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