Revlon Lip Butter Review

Alright this product has been out for quite some time but it continues to be a popular product. I have 8 different shades and use them quite a lot so I wanted to share what I think about them with you guys. Usually one of these will run you anywhere from $5 to $9 and I think I’ve gotten most of mine for around $7 or $8. I have the shades Pink Truffle, Red Velvet, Pink Lemonade, Candy Apple, Strawberry Shortcake, Wild Watermelon, Peach Parfait, and Juicy Papaya (not pictured below).


Let’s just get the bad out of the way. The price is a bit high for me. Sure, the product is nice, but it’s a drugstore lippy. If you can find these on sale then I would say the price is definitely worth it. If you don’t like something that you can feel on your lips then these aren’t for you. You can tell you have something on but it isn’t overly sticky and feels quite hydrating. Staying power is obviously going to be a problem for something so shiny and with butter in the name. It doesn’t stay for too long but it’s easy to quickly reapply a quick coat. Of course, I have problems with staying power for most lip products so you may have better luck with that then I do (if any of you have any really long wearing, fantastic lip products please let me know). I would say I usually get about 3 or 4 hours out of them if I’m not eating or anything. Some of the darker colors are a little hard for me to apply and keep inside the lines but that’s probably just me trying to hurry through the application.

Now onto the good! Like I said before they feel very moisturizing on the lips. I never feel like they are drying out my lips. The finish is pretty shiny so if you like matte lip products this one won’t be a good choice for you. I really like the finish though, it looks kind of glossy and doesn’t settle into any of the lines on my lips. Some of them have a slight vanilla scent that isn’t at all overpowering and none of them have any flavor. I also get quite a lot of color out of these and I love the different color options they have. I also love that you can really sheer these out. So say I wanted to start trying dark colors like red velvet but I’m a little nervous about it, I can just really sheer out the color and just kind of dip my toe into the dark color pool. It also means you essentially get two looks out of one product. Let’s get on to talking about the individual colors and swatches.



The first one I have is Pink Truffle. I love this color, it’s kind of hard to describe but it’s a pinky brown color. It looks slightly darker than my own lip color and I think it works great in the fall (or any other time really). This was the first lip butter I ever got and it’s still one of my favorites. It goes on great and looks fantastic.












This next color is another one of my favorites, Red Velvet. This is a nice deep dark, somewhat blue toned, red. It has a tiny bit of brown in it as well. This is one of my favorites to wear and looks really great when you combine it with Candy Apple as well. I always get great color payoff from it and it’s great for the holiday season.



redvelvet redvelvetcloseup






pinklemonadelippypinklemonadeswatchThis next one was left in my car for a bit too long when it was hot out so the consistency completely changed and I need to get a new one. You can still get a feel for the color though in the pictures. Pink Lemonade is a pale, farily warm toned, pink. It can look a bit peachy. It’s really good for lightening up your own lip shade a bit and still lets your natural color shine through a bit. I like to wear this in the spring or summer a lot but it’s a good alternative to a nude color.


pinklemonadecloseup pinklemonade







Candy Apple is really a true, classic red. It doesn’t look overly cool or warm toned to me. This is another great holiday color and, like I said earlier, looks great when you put it with Red Velvet. I love wearing this red and I think it would be a great way to try a red color if you’re nervous about it. Sometimes I don’t get quite as much color from this one but you still get a nice red look on the lips.



candyapplecloseup candyapple







Strawberry shortcake is one that I haven’t worn too much yet but it’s a cool toned barbie pink color. I’m pretty sure it’s called Strawberry shortcake but I could be wrong because the sticker came off on the bottom. As far as barbie pinks go I like this one alright on me. It would be good in the summertime but it’s not a color I always wear unless I sheer it out a bit. It does go on well though so no complaints there.













Wild Watermelon ends up looking like a coral red on me. This is definitely one that your own lip color will change the final color. If I just swatch it on my hand it looks like a vibrant red. I like this one a lot for the summer time and it’s a color that’s great to try if you want to start trying brighter colors.



wildwatermelon wildwatermeloncloseup







Peach Parfait is the only color I have that has shimmer in it. It gives it a different texture, almost creamier and more product goes on the lips when I apply it. As the name suggests, it’s a pretty peachy pink with gold shimmer in it. You can’t feel the glitter too much on your lips but this is one of the ones that I could feel the product on my lips the most.




peachparfait peachparfaitcloseup








Last but not least is Juicy Papaya. It’s kind of a bright peachy color. It looks really great on the lips. This is another one of my favorites and is great for the summer. This one is pretty sheer but I really love the way it looks on my lips.




juicypapaya juicypapayacloseup







Overall, I really love these. They don’t bleed, they look beautiful on the lips, there’s a good color range, and they feel good on the lips. The staying power could be a bit better but it’s easy to apply. Overall I would give these an 8 out of 10. Definitely something worth trying.


8 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Butter Review

  1. I love the two lip butters that I have — red velvet and fig jam. Fig jam looks intimidatingly dark, but it goes on a lovely my lips but better shade. I have pictures of it on my blog. And I want to own all of the varieties of reds that they offer! For a daytime red, I love red velvet. 🙂


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