Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

IMG_2143So these have gotten mixed reviews from what I can see. They’re supposed to look and last like a gel polish without having to use a light. It’s a fantastic idea and, for me, it works quite well. I only have 3 colors (Combustealble, Truffle Shuffle, and Wine Stock) and the top coat but I’ll definitely be looking into buying some more. These cost $9.99 on Ulta’s website but I got them for $7.99 at Walmart. You can also sometimes get a 2 pack with the top coat and a color to try out for a little cheaper than buying them separate.


I don’t really see too many bad things about this product. It might be a little expensive at some places for a drugstore product but I thought the $7.99 I spent at Walmart was well worth it. The color selection was a little lacking for me. There are just over 45 colors listed on Sally Hansen’s website and only 24 on the Ulta website which seems to be closer to the selection I got at Walmart. There are quite a few shades in the red, purple, and pink family but the rest is kind of lacking. There aren’t very many dark colors either. The instructions say to use 2 coats of the color and then put 1 coat of the top coat on but I always have to use 3 coats of the color in order to get really opaque color. Another thing to note is that when you put on the top coat whatever color you have on transfers to the brush a little. Doesn’t really matter how long you let the color dry, it will transfer at least a little color. I haven’t had any problems with it messing up the color of the different polishes though and it would be easy to just wipe it on a paper towel really quick before putting it back in the bottle.

IMG_2127IMG_2129There is quite a lot of good about it though. For my nails the product worked great. I usually can’t get too much wear out of a polish without it chipping so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this lasted just over a week on my nails without chipping. Application was super easy. I am absolutely terrible at applying nail polish and this is one of the easier ones I’ve used. The brush reminds me a little of the Revlon Colorstay brush except this one is a little wider on the long side. It seems that some people have a little bit of a hard time with the brush but I really like it. The finish of these is super shiny and very gel like. One of my guy friends even complimented me on how they looked once which is saying something. Each coat took about 4 or 5 minutes to dry completely and the top coat took about 2 minutes.



The first color I have is Truffle Shuffle. This one has no glitter or shimmer. This is a very yellow brown on me. It kind of looks like a caramely brown. This was the darkest brown there so I wanted it to look a little bit darker but oh well. It’s not the most flattering with my skin tone but it’s not terrible. This one is pretty opaque and I could almost get away with 2 coats. It doesn’t seem to be streaky. I really wish it looked better with my skin tone.


IMG_2133 IMG_2135









IMG_2145Next is Cumbustealble. This is a metallic teal blue color. It has some purple in it in some lights because of the dual chrome in it. It looks really pretty in the bottle. This is the least opaque of the 3 I have and definitely needs 3 good coats. It can get a little streaky if you’re not careful. This was originally my mom’s so it wouldn’t be my first choice of color. I’m not as into the shimmery colors like she is. I also don’t think it’s that great of a blue for me. If you do like shimmery dual chrome colors this one is gorgeous.

IMG_2125 IMG_2131








IMG_2151Last is my favorite, Wine Stock. I love a nice dark oxblood color and this one is great. It’s slightly less dark than my Essie polish in Wicked so you can see the red a lot more. This is another one that I could almost get away with 2 coats on. This one isn’t streaky at all and I think it would look great on most skin tones. It’s got some nice purpley brown undertones to it and it would be fantastic for the holidays. I got the longest wear out of this one, almost a week and a half. I absolutely love this one and would definitely repurchase it.

IMG_2141 IMG_2139








I apologize for the terrible swatches (in a hurry and I moved some stuff around when they weren’t quite dry yet, oops) but hopefully you can still get an idea of the color. Overall I really love these. I will definitely be checking out more colors. The staying power alone is enough for me to want to go out and get more. I would definitely suggest going out and trying one of these especially if you have problems with the staying power of other polishes. I give these an 8 out of 10.



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