Update and Rimmel Review

So I had planned on doing some posts before Christmas but then I ended up staying somewhere last-minute that didn’t have reliable internet or all of the makeup and clothes I wanted to post about. After that things kind of got busy for a bit so I haven’t been able to post for a while but I’m back now.

Rimmel-ScandalEYES-6464This is just going to be a small review but it’s for a product that I really love and use all the time. You can get one of the 9 different colors for $4.49 on Ulta’s website (taupe isn’t available on their website but I got mine at Walmart). I only have two of the colors, nude and taupe, but I use these all the time. The formula is very creamy and goes on very easily. They stay pretty well in the waterline. I have a lot of trouble with products on my eyes running, I have the panda eyes problem big time, but both of these colors seem to stay for a fairly good amount of time and when they start to fade they don’t seem to end up all over my face but just fade away. That would be my one complaint though, staying power, I do wish they stayed a little longer. They are easy to smudge if you want to before they set and they give off a lot of color. Literally my only problem with them is the staying power.

I use the nude color (the top color in the picture) in my waterline all the time. It’s fantastic at opening up the eyes and making you look more awake. It looks much more natural than a straight up white liner and is definitely my quick fix if I didn’t get enough sleep. If it matches your skin tone you can also use it to line around the lips and clean them up or even as a concealer. I don’t like it so much as a concealer but it works well around the lips. You do have to be pretty fair-skinned for that to work though. Really though I didn’t know I needed a nude liner so much until I got this and now I use it all the time, I even got my mom to start using one.

I use the taupe (the second color in the picture) one less but I still use it a lot. It’s a nice natural grey taupe color. This one is fantastic if you want just a little natural definition. It’s great with my super pale vampire skin and blonde hair. It’s also good as an actual eye color, using it as a cream shadow. It creates some nice definition in the crease for us pale girls and would be a great all over the lid color. I usually use it with a primer and that’s when I get the best results.

Both the colors I have are light and I’ve heard the darker ones don’t always work as well. I love both of the ones that I have though and the price is absolutely fantastic. If you’re looking for some great prices on some pretty good products then I would definitely suggest Rimmel. Overall I give this product an 8.5 out of 10.


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