My 3 Foundations

Today I want to talk foundation. I have three different foundations I use for different reasons. All of them are drugstore foundations. I have yet to try a more high-end foundation so if you have any that you think are amazing please let me know, I would love to try some. Currently I use Revlon Colorstay, Covergirl outlast stay fabulous, and Rimmel Match Perfection. Just for reference, my skin is weird. It changes a lot and definitely has drier and more oily patches on it. So I guess that would make it combo. I also have fairly sensitive acne prone skin. It gets red easily and I still haven’t figured out everything that can make me breakout.

2253952The foundation I use the most is the Covergirl one. I have it in 805 and 810 (I switch between them in the summer and winter) and on Ulta’s website you can get it for $12.99. I’ve never spent that much money on it though. At Walmart it’s around $10 and Target says you can get it for about $6. You can also find them on sale a lot. The 3 in 1 claim means that this foundation is supposed to work as primer, foundation, and concealer. It also has SPF 20.

Out of all three this is the only one with a pump which, for me, is a huge plus. You get the right amount every time without a mess. This is the most matte out of the group as well. I could probably get away without powdering this one (I always powder at least my t-zone). I like to mix a liquid highlight with it since the finish is matte to make it a little more natural looking but it looks great on its own as well. For me, it stays on for quite a long time (probably 6 to 7 hours) and kind of floats over my skin (not in a bad way), if that makes since, so I would say that the primer claim is true. It doesn’t settle in lines or pores. It’s also pretty full coverage. I can kind of use it as a concealer on any spots I have. The only place it really doesn’t work as a concealer is under my eyes, only the heaviest of concealers can begin to tackle that though so I don’t really fault it there. There were enough colors in the line to find something that matched me. I was really scared to try this one at first because Covergirl is one of the brands that you hear breaks people out a lot. This doesn’t really seem to break me out more though unless I forget to take it off at night. Overall I would say it’s a good somewhat matte foundation. I wouldn’t suggest it for dry skin but for normal or oily skin it would be great. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

RLMPSF240-500x500One I’ve been using a ton recently in the Rimmel one. It’s probably because it’s winter so my skin is drier and this one works better with my more dry skin. I have it in 102 at the moment but I’ve also used 101 and I use both at different times of the year. I feel like this one is pretty easier to find a color that works for you for some reason. Both 101 and 102 look a little different from my skin tone until I start to buff it into my face and then they both match really well. You can get this one for $5.99 from Ulta and it’s another one that goes on sale a lot. It has SPF 18. This is a much more dewy look and would be much better on dry skin than the Covergirl one. I wouldn’t suggest it for someone with super oily skin. This is probably a light to medium coverage and I definitely have to use concealer and a powder with it. Without a powder I don’t think it would stay that long on me but if I use a powder I can get a good amount of wear out of it, probably a good 5 or 6 hours. It looks so nice and natural/dewy, I really love the finish on my skin. This was another one that quite a few people said broke them out but it doesn’t make mine worse unless I keep it on over night. It’s a little weird that the UK version has a pump and ours in the US doesn’t and that’s a little bit of a bummer. This isn’t something I would wear on super hot days, it would be sliding all over my face even with powder. Overall I really like this one in the winter and on good skin days when I don’t need as much coverage. I would give it a 7 out of 10.

0000067_revlon_colorstay_makeup_with_softflex_for_normaldry_skinfoundationI like to use the Revlon one for more special occasions because it lasts so well and has such full coverage. I have the normal/dry skin formula in 150 and 220. This one is also $12.99 on Ulta’s site but, as always, you can find it on sale a lot. This one was a little harder to find a color in, the color it is in the bottle doesn’t seem to completely show the color it will be on your skin. In reality I need the color between the two I have but I like to mix the ones I have to get the perfect color for me no matter what time of year it is. This has SPF 15. There’s also a combo/oily skin formula but I haven’t tried that one so I can’t talk about how good it is.

I don’t know about it staying on for 24 hours but it definitely stays on all day. It’s full coverage but also fairly heavy so if you don’t like the feel of a heavy foundation I wouldn’t try this. You definitely have to remember to take it off at night so your skin can breath. This gives my skin a fairly natural look when I powder my t-zone. If you use too much powder or too much foundation it can look cakey so be careful there, just buff it into the skin well. It’s kind of hard to work with, especially if you’re new to makeup. It dries pretty fast and won’t blend well if it’s sat on one part of your face for too long. I usually start with just one part of my face at a time and work pretty fast and then it works fine. This one also doesn’t break me out unless I keep it on my skin too long. Overall it works really well for me and I love the coverage I get out of it. I give it a 9 out of 10.REVLONCOLORSTAYnormaldrycolourchartLISTINGjpg-1


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      • One suggestion I would have is to go ask for samples first at a Sephora before commiting to any high end foundations cause you don’t wanna be wasting your money😜 btw just followed you hope to see more posts from you and come check out my blog when you got time and maybe follow me too!!:)


      • Thanks for the follow 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your blog. I’m not sure if there’s a Sephora close to where I live, I’ll have to check and see, I know they’ve been adding stores so maybe we have one now.

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