Weekend Update #1

I thought I would kind of let you guys know what to expect this next week and month both for you and to give me some incentive to post every day. This next week is the first week back at school for me after the break but I only have 2 classes this semester so I should still be able to keep up with posting. Later this month I’m going to be back at the place with iffy wi-fi but it’s not last minute this time so I should be able to keep posting then too.

I’ll be over in town for school so hopefully I’ll have a clothes haul sometime this week. I also want to do a hair tutorial, probably some sort of braid since I pretty much wear a side braid every day. I want to update you on last month’s Ipsy bag and how the products are working since my new one shipped and I plan on doing another Ipsy post then. Of course I’ll keep doing reviews as well. Oh I also want to start doing monthly favorites so keep and eye out for that. Since school is starting again and I’ll be out of the house more you might be getting some different kinds of posts. Definitely always let me know if you like it so I can know what to post for you guys. If there’s something you want to see let me know so I can make it happen.

There’s also now a Beauty Fable Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Those will all open in new tabs so you can click on them or just look up Beauty Fable. I’ve wanted to make some beauty related accounts on some of those anyway so I thought I would just keep with the theme and make it easy on myself and everyone else.

Hope you all had a great week and I’ll see you guys Monday 🙂


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