December Ipsy Update!

Finally getting around to an update on last month’s Ipsy bag. I wanted to have enough time to try all of the products and my next Ipsy bag has shipped so I figured this was a good time to update everyone. If you don’t know what Ipsy is it’s a monthly $10 subscription bag that sends you usually 5 different luxury sample and full sized beauty products to try. You take a little quiz that helps them tailor products to you. I love it, it’s like Christmas every month. If you want to check out my initial thoughts on December’s products then click here. And now onto the actual products.

As I said before, I really liked the bag everything came in this month. It will work well in my purse for some lip gloss and stuff.IMG_1984

IMG_1985The first product is the Sexy Hair 450 degree Blowout. I wasn’t too sure about this product because I don’t really blow dry my hair but it had gotten pretty good reviews so I was still excited. On Ulta’s website a full size is 4.2 oz and sells for $18.95. This sample is 1.7 oz so it’s a good sample to try. So basically you spray the product all over your hair before you blow dry it and it’s supposed to make your hair shiny and frizz free. I really love the smell of it. It’s nice and fruity and I just love it. The product surprised me at first because it was pretty oily. I don’t actually use it for blow drying my hair, I just spray some on my hair when I get out of the shower instead of putting an oil in my hair and then let it air dry. It actually does make my hair really shiny and smooth and it stay that way until I need to wash my hair again. This isn’t even the right way to use the product and I love it. When I run out of the sample I might even go buy a full size.

IMG_1986The next product is a facial cleanser from Beauty Without Cruelty. You can get 250mL for $10.99 from and the sample was 59mL. I wasn’t a huge fan of this. I used it a couple times and it didn’t really seem to do much or leave my face feeling clean. It comes in a gel form and has a kind of fresh clean scent bordering on a herbal smell, not my favorite scent but it wasn’t too overpowering. I love that it is a cruelty free product but it just didn’t work for me. It left my skin feeling pretty dry even after a moisturizing and it just didn’t seem to do much. They say it lightly foams and for me it almost didn’t foam at all so I couldn’t tell the difference between it and water on my face. I’ve used better cleansers so for me, this won’t be something I’ll buy again.


Doesn’t swatch too well but trust me, it’s beautiful.

IMG_1988The third product was an eye polish from Cailyn in the color #5 orchid. It’s a really pretty light rose gold color, slightly more gold than rose. This is a full size and sells for $15 on Cailyn’s website which is awesome because this product by itself pays for the whole bag and then some. I really love this stuff. It’s so pretty on the inside corner of the eye and the center of the eye for a slight highlight on gold or slightly more red eye looks. It looks good by itself or you can layer it over other colors for a different look. It’s just a beautiful and very pigmented loose eye shadow. It doesn’t crease on me and it stays where I put it. It also blends out really well. Some people don’t like the applicator but it works fine for me. I use it to just dab the product in the general area I want it and then I blend it in with a brush. Honestly the applicator fits perfectly on the inner corner of my eye so I really don’t have a problem with it. I love this stuff and if I have have $15 to spend I’ll have to check out some other colors from them.

IMG_1990IMG_1991Next is a Nyx butter lip balm in the shade BLB05 Marshmallow. This is another full size product that you can get from Ulta for $3.99. I like Nyx. In my experience, they’ve had reasonably priced quality products. This is a good product but the wrong color for me. It kind of gives me that dead look that you get from products that are too close to your skin color. I wish I had gotten it in a different color because it’s a good moisturizing lip balm with good color pay off. It feels really comfortable on my lips. I do like using it under some other lip colors sometimes but it’s not something I can use by itself unless I only put on a very tiny amount. Like I said, it is a good product just not the right color for me. For $3.99 though I might have to check out some other colors because these would be great to just throw in your purse and wear everyday. IMG_2004

IMG_1993IMG_2003The last product is the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara from Tarte. The full size is .24oz and $20 from Sephora and this sample is .1 oz. I love getting new mascara’s to try, especially high end stuff. It’s just such a great way to try them out and mascara is something that can be so different for everyone. This isn’t my favorite mascara but it certainly isn’t the worst I’ve tried. It’s good for an everyday look and keeps the lashes pretty separated. What I’m really missing from it is some good volume. If I wear it with one of my other mascaras it looks great and helps separate the lashes but by itself it’s just kind of okay for me. It stays alright but I really need something that’s waterproof especially if I want to put it on my lower lashes. It has a bristle wand which is my favorite and if I wanted to use it on my lower lashes I could pretty easily because the bristles are fairly short. The formula is slightly wet to me and I usually like something a little drier. Overall it’s okay but I won’t be going out and buying more.IMG_1995

Overall I’m pretty happy with the products and glad that I got to try all of them. The only one I really didn’t like was the face cleanser so I’d say that’s a pretty successful month. If you get Ipsy let me know what you thought of your bag for December! Do you guys like hearing about what I get? I think it’s a good way to let you guys know about Ipsy and some different products that I wouldn’t try otherwise but let me know. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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