Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

So this morning I got up for class and you know what, I didn’t really feel like taking a shower. I already don’t wash my hair everyday because it’s better for it so my hair was starting to look a bit oily. Thank goodness I had dry shampoo. If you haven’t used dry shampoo (I hadn’t used dry shampoo until probably last year) then it’s a powder that you put in your hair to soak up oils so that your hair looks clean even without washing it that day. It also helps add some volume if you have trouble with that. I’ve tried probably 3 or 4 dry shampoos and Batiste is the best that I’ve tried but I still wouldn’t say that it’s my holy grail dry shampoo.

653fea6c3eba0dfc3f465546fb9be621e068bd6eYou can get Batiste at Ulta for $7.99 which is a pretty good price for dry shampoo. There are different scents (some of which smell really awful to me) and I usually get the cherry one although this last time I had to get just the original one and it isn’t terrible. All of the scents are pretty strong though so it’s something you have to get used to no matter which one you go for. The packaging is adorable with the different patterns on the outside of the can. I think I would prefer something like the Bumble and Bumble pret-a-powder that doesn’t come in a spray can because I really don’t like spraying it directly onto my hair. I always have to spray the powder onto my hand, which makes my hand cold because it’s a spray can, and then put it in my hair. If I spray it directly onto my hair I can never get the white residue to go away no matter how much I brush my hair and try to get it to leave (I have blonde hair as well so it would show up even more on someone with darker hair). They also sell some that have a little color in them so maybe the white doesn’t show up as much but I haven’t tried those yet.

I would say that this works great and makes my hair look clean and volumized but not for very long. I put it on and think I’m set for the day but today when I used it, my hair was already starting to look oily again by the end of my class which is only an hour long. The volume didn’t stay all that long either. I really like the stuff for a quick fix if you’re going on a short little shopping trip or to class like me but I wouldn’t use it for an all day fix. The price is great though and out of the ones I’ve used it’s definitely the best. I would give it a 7 out of 10. What do you guys use for dry shampoo? It’s nice to use on lazy days and I could always use ideas for what to get next. Hope you guys are having a great day and see you tomorrow!


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