First Ipsy Bag of 2015!

IMG_2392With a new month comes a new Ipsy bag! If you don’t know what Ipsy is it’s a monthly $10 beauty subscription bag that usually has 5 large samples or sometimes even full size hair, makeup, IMG_2393and beauty products. If you haven’t checked out last month’s bag you can click here for my initial views on it or here for my update/review on it. So this month’s theme was Fresh Start. To my knowledge everything in this month’s bag (at least the one I got) is a natural product. From the picture on Ipsy I didn’t think I was going to like this month’s bag itself but I actually really like it. It’s blue on one side and white on the other. The zipper is a nice salmony color. The material feels nice and seems like it would be easy to clean up if needed. I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but it has a little bit of an embossed pattern on the material which I really like. It’s actually probably one of the top bags I’ve gotten and I know I’ll use it.

FullSizeRenderThe first product I got, and probably the one I’m least excited about, is the BellaPierre shimmer powder in Exite (no that’s not mispelled, that’s how they spell it). These are $14.99 on their website and this was a full size. It’s awesome that it pays for the whole bag itself and also very cool that it’s a mineral powder and hypoallergenic. I wish I had gotten one of the other colors that they were sending out because the only thing I can use this for is a highlight, a very shimmery highlight. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of highlight products because of Ipsy. The quality of the product seems pretty good and I did use it as a highlight today. It looks pretty but you can only use a tiny amount of it. I do like it on the inner corners of my eyes, it made them look nice and awake. Overall I’m not super excited but I’m sure I’ll use it and it’s a brand I’ve never tried before so that’s cool.

IMG_2398IMG_2399I got an eye shadow from Pacifica in the shade Treasure. It’s another mineral eye shadow thing but this is actually a shade I can see myself using. I’ve gotten a duo from them before, also from Ipsy, so I already knew I liked the brand. I’m not sure how much one of these goes for but you can get a pallet of 3 or 4 for $14 and I can’t find anywhere on the site that tells me how big a full size is. If this isn’t a full size though, it’s a very generous sample. Again this is a natural eye shadow and 100% vegan. The back also says that a portion of their proceeds goes to supporting clean water. The shadow itself is smooth and goes on well. It’s a very natural looking golden brown color with some shimmer that I would be comfortable wearing everyday. It’s not very dark and would be a great one shadow look for lazy days. The only problem I had with my other shadow from them is that the lid completely fell off of the rest of the packaging so hopefully I can keep it from doing that this time. Overall I’m happy with this one and I can see myself using it a lot.  IMG_2400

IMG_2389Next I got a new brush to add to my collection. It’s an Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow brush. This is $9.99 and 100% synthetic. This is such a soft smooth feeling brush. I used it this morning and it felt fantastic, I just wanted to keep putting eye shadow on. It’s light but doesn’t feel too cheap. If pink isn’t your thing then obviously you won’t like the color. It really got a good amount of color on my lids (it’s got decently dense bristles) and it blended it out pretty well too. This seems like it will be a really good multitask brush for me. It’s a good size to go all over my lids, to highlight my brow bone, to get a very smoky crease color on, to blend, or even to use with concealer. Overall I’m very excited to try this out more, I always love getting new brushes.

FullSizeRender (1)Second to last was an eye cream from Nourish Organic. A full size of this is $19.99 and 15 mL and this was 14 mL so a very generous sample. I haven’t ever actually used an eye cream but I’ve been wanting to try one for a long time now. I love that this is also certified organic so hopefully I’ll enjoy it. It starts off feeling very light and blends in easily. As you blend it in more it starts to feel more creamy. It feels nice when you apply it but I’ve only used it once so I’ll have to get back to you. It doesn’t seem to have a smell and if it does then it’s light enough that I can’t smell it. I’m really excited to try this one. I love getting new products like this to try because they get can really expensive. I’ll definitely get back to you on whether it works or not.

IMG_2397The last product I got is a mojito lip balm from Malin+Goetz. A full size is $12 and 10g and this sample is 7g so another generous sample. It has a light minty scent that I love and makes me feel more awake. Some people say it also has a light minty taste but I really can’t taste anything. I’ve used this twice now and loved it both times. Some lip balms you put on and it seems like it might be doing something but then in an hour or so your lips are back to the same dry mess they were. Both times I used this I was pleasantly surprised to find that my lips loved this stuff and pretty much ate it right up. I’ve now had it on for probably around 3 hours and my lips feel noticeably better and more moisturized. When you first put it on it isn’t sticky or uncomfortable and right away I can feel a difference on my lips, it just feels nice. I’ll have to get back to you once I get the chance to use it more but right now I’m really loving this.

Overall I’m really excited to try some of this stuff. There’s really only the first one that I wasn’t as excited about. Hopefully I’ll post the update on the products around the same time as I did the last one so probably around the time my new back gets shipped out so I get a month to try the products. I was really happy with this month’s bag, I actually haven’t had a really disappointing one in a while. If you don’t have Ipsy and have $10 to spend every month you should really check it out. If you get Ipsy did you get the same stuff I did? What product are you guys excited about? Hope you guys had a great week! See you guys Monday!


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