Pants from the Gilmore Girls?

You all know what Gilmore Girls is right? If you don’t you need to drop what you’re doing and go find a way to watch it. Now this may be a little weird (my brain is odd) but when I think of brown colored jeans I think of Gilmore Girls, just seems like something they would wear. Yes this is my way of telling you that I made the slightly questionable fashion choice to wear dark brown jeans today. I don’t know why that’s a questionable fashion choice for me. I’ve seen people wear them and look great it’s just not the norm for me.

IMG_2403IMG_2402The ones I got are Wrangler Q-Baby jeans. I got them from my aunt for like $10 so I didn’t know how great of a deal I had gotten until I looked them up. These things go for anywhere from $50 to $70 (you can get them on Wrangler’s website or I also found some on ebay and the like). I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like to spend too much on clothes, my favorite place to shop is Ross so these are now the most expensive pair of jeans I own and I got them for $10. Now I usually wear a size 9 to 11 and these are a 5/6. I really didn’t think they were going to fit but they do (they’re a little tight at the waist but not unbearably so). The thing is that they stretch quite a bit so they actually do fit and are quite comfy. The material feels really nice and substantial (they’re made for riding horses so they should be pretty well made). It’s a slight boot cut but I think it still looks flattering, it’s not a huge bell bottom. They actually do quite a good job of making my legs look more slim, they suck everything in. Overall I really like the quality and the fit was surprisingly good.

IMG_2401The color is a very dark brown, they almost look black. In the pictures they look black and from far away they would just look like black jeans. I actually really like the color, it’s a subtle color and because of that I can think of a lot of different things to wear with these. I wore it with a minty floaty shirt today (reminded me of mint chocolate chip haha) but it would look great with quite a few different colors. I think it’ll be a great way to have something different in my wardrobe without going too crazy. Overall I’m really happy with these and will definitely be finding more ways to wear them. It doesn’t hurt that when I wear them I feel like a Gilmore Girl. Hope your day has been fantastic and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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