Dry Winter Hair

I live up in the northwest so our winters get pretty cold and sometimes pretty dry.Obviously that’s not the best thing for my hair (or skin for that matter but that’s a different blog post). I have really long hair (like to my elbows) so the ends are already not in the best condition and the weather in the winter just adds to that. I don’t use heat on it very often (at the most it would be maybe twice a month) because my hair is super straight and doesn’t like to curl and I’ve only ever colored it once so I have relatively healthy hair and I can still feel effects from the winter weather. This time last year I was only using a shampoo and sometimes a conditioner but nothing else. My hair was alright but it was nothing like it is now. I got a certain hair product in an Ipsy bag (So many of my product discoveries are because of Ipsy. You’ll probably get tired of me saying that I got a product in an Ipsy bag) and it was the first product from Ipsy that I went out and bought a full size of, I actually got two products from the brand. Eva NYC was a brand that I had never heard of and I had never really felt the need to do a hair mask and the thought of putting more oil in my hair seemed silly. I got a deep conditioning hair mask in Ipsy though and right once I was down to one last use of the sample I went out and bought more and even bought the oil treatment. Overall my hair feels so much better now than it did last year but let’s talk about the two products more specifically.

69d40cef6ea70bed76b4ba4a96756d0e_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403Let’s talk about the Hungry Hair Oil Treatment first since that’s the one I added on when I bought the conditioner. I love the packaging! I love the glass bottle, it almost looks like an old medicine bottle. When you first open it you’ll notice the smell (same with the conditioner). This isn’t really a scent that is super subtle when you smell it just from the container but I love the smell. It’s a hard smell to describe but it does get toned down a bit when you but it in your hair and I always get a ton of compliments on how my hair smells. I honestly haven’t seen any reviews or anything where the person didn’t like the smell, most people mention how much they love it. Some people say it smells like baby powder and vanilla which is kind of accurate in a weird way. That doesn’t sound like it would smell great but I love it and the smell actually lasts. I usually wash my hair every three or so days and by the time I wash it again I can still smell it.

This product has lasted me forever because you only need a tiny amount for the ends of your hair. Really if you put too much your hair will start to feel too oily so finding the right amount for your hair is essential for this product to work for you. I usually use this on the days where I wash my hair but don’t deep condition. When it’s still damp, after I’ve towel dried it a bit, I just use a little bit of it on the bottom of my hair. It makes my hair look shiny and healthy. I can always tell when I’ve used this. It also makes my hair more manageable and look less tangley. It doesn’t get rid of split ends but it makes less happen in the first place which is important for someone like me with long hair that loves split ends. I just really love using this product. It has keravis protein and argan oil as the two main ingredients it boasts. You can also use this as a heat-protectant. Overall this has made my hair softer, stronger, and all around healthier since I started using it and I give it an 8 out of 10, it’s fantastic and almost perfect. This isn’t on Ulta’s website anymore even though that’s where I bought it so maybe you can get it in store. You can get it on Kohl’s website for $15 and I would suggest not getting it off of the Eva NYC website because it costs $30 on there.

EvaNYC_HairMask_A_grandeThe other product is their Therapy Session Hair Mask. You can get this from Ulta for $14.99 and you get a huge tub of it. This boasts the same main ingredients keravis and argan oil and has the same smell. My hair loves this stuff. I use it once a week. The instructions say you can use it more often just as a regular conditioner if you keep it in your hair for less time but I really like using it as a hair mask. I cover mostly the bottom half of my hair and put any extra on the rest of my hair so eventually everything has at least a little product. I leave it in for a bit, the instructions say 5 minutes at the most but I know I’ve had it in my hair for a lot longer than that and it doesn’t make it work less if you keep it in longer. Some people say they leave it in for a lot longer than that and that’s how they like to use it. This makes my hair so soft and shiny. There is just such a noticeable difference between when I use it and when I don’t. It doesn’t weigh down my hair and I would argue it even adds a little volume. I can really feel the difference in my hair, it feels so much softer and healthier it’s crazy. I really don’t know what else to say except I love this stuff and my hair loves this stuff. I would definitely suggest giving it a try because I love it. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

So what do you guys use for your hair? I haven’t used too much because once I found this I stuck with it. I love the winter time but I could definitely do without the damage to my skin and hair, don’t like the ice on the roads much either but oh well. Hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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