Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

I didn’t know what primer was until about a year and a half ago. I wish I had found something like this earlier because, like I’ve mentioned before, my eyes are terrible at keeping product in the spot I actually want to product. I end up with raccoon eyes and creasing, such a great look right? I had heard good things about both Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion so for me it was down to those two. I honestly don’t remember how I picked Shadow Insurance, they’re both the same price and lots of people say they are essentially both the same quality. I still haven’t tried Primer Potion so I can’t say whether the two are similar or not but I can say that I love Shadow Insurance. You can get this from Ulta for $20 which sounded like a lot to me (it was the most money I had ever spent on a makeup product at the time) but it lasts forever.


The packaging is a definite hit for me.I love that light color of blue so having that color in your packaging definitely helps. It’s got the same kind of style as most Too Faced products do and I like how they usually style things. It’s a nice slim compact tube so it doesn’t take up too much space. It’s got a twist-off cap and it’s a squeeze tube neither of which are either good or bad things to me.


This product, like most primers, claims to make shadow last longer, look more vibrant, and not crease. All around it’s just supposed to make eye shadow work better and look better. Lasting power is fantastic. It makes my shadow last all day and not fade away like it usually does. Creasing kind of goes along with this. Usually my eye shadow creases pretty bad (depending on the shadow of course). When I use this I almost never get creasing. I used this over the summer when I worked outside at a theme park and let me tell you, this worked wonders. It was super hot some days and I was constantly moving around and doing stuff (in other words, I was sweaty) but when I had this on I could actually wear some eye shadow and not worry about it fading away or creasing. I also notice quite a difference in how vibrant and all around nice my eye shadows look when I wear this. I always use this when I want to do a look with any sort of pop of color or anything other than a super natural look. ¬†Hopefully you can see the difference in the picture because in person the one on the left looks much more vibrant and less faded.

One thing that’s kind of disappointing is that the product really likes to separate. If you haven’t used it in a couple days you’ll sometimes just end up with a bunch of liquid and not much of the cream part. Usually I can kind of shake it around and squeeze the tube around a bit to get it back to normal. Another thing is the smell. This is really only a problem for the application process because once it’s on I can’t smell it at all. If you just smell it from the tube though it has the weird smell that lots of primers have, I can’t really explain the smell. That really isn’t a huge problem for me but something to keep in mind. It’s also very easy to get too much product with the squeeze tube and wasting product is never good. Again I usually don’t have too much of a problem with this but it has happened a couple times and it’s always sad to wipe completely good product off my hand because I had too much. If you apply too much of it on accident it also makes it pretty hard to blend shadows out. A primer is supposed to help eye shadows stick so they are already kind of tacky which may make it hard to blend even when you apply a good amount of primer. When you go a little overboard on the primer it makes it even harder to blend out.

Overall I’m so happy I eventually found out what primer was. It really has changed applying and wearing eye shadow for me. This isn’t a perfect product but it’s pretty dang close so I give it an 8.5 out of 10. I really want to try some cheaper alternatives to this just to see how they stack up. I’ve heard that NYX has an eye base and I’ve also heard quite a lot about the E.L.F. primer. Let me know if you’ve tried a cheaper one! Hope you guys had an amazing week and I’ll see you on Monday.


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