Covergirl Smoochies Review

So this is kind of a nice product to have in your purse. I have 3 different colors and you can usually get then for around $4 or $5. You get quite a bit of product compared to most lippies out now. These give you some sheer color and are also supposed to moisturize (as they are a lip balm) I actually like these quite a bit. For a lip balm I don’t want anything with too much color, I just want something I can apply easily throughout the day whenever I want.

Price and Packaging:

I think the price is really great, much better than something like a Revlon Lip Butter. I think it’s worth it to have something pretty to apply throughout the day. I like the packaging on some of them. I don’t always like the color combo that they come up with but it does look bright and fun. I like that you can see what color you’re getting because the top is clear. The first one I got cracked (not that big of a deal, it’s plastic) but other than that I haven’t had too many problems there.



Their website says they have 12 colors and they cover a pretty wide range of colors. Lots of them, however, are varying shades of pink that will probably all look very similar in such a sheer formula. The three colors I have (#luv u, #2 cute, and #tweet me) all look different on the lips so that’s good.



This is definitely not a sticky formula. You can kind of feel it on your lips (just kind of a glidey feel from the moisturizing aspect) but after a little I completely forget I have it on. It does feel like a light weight lip balm which is nice and it never makes my lips dry out. I would feel perfectly okay using this throughout the day to add both color and moisture. It’s not the most moisturizing thing I’ve used but it’s definitely not the least either. They aren’t streaky and they apply really well. The wear is pretty minimal which is to be expected. I can usually get maybe a couple hours out of it. Like I said though, it’s easy to reapply and you get a lot of product for how much you’re spending.


Look, Taste, and Smell:

It’s a pretty sheer formula. Enough to see some color but not as much as a Revlon Lip Butter. It’s nice for reapplying throughout the day without a mirror. It looks pretty glossy so you can really wear it by itself with nothing over it. I’m sure you could put something like this over a lip liner too and that would look nice. I don’t really taste anything from it. The smell is kind of sweet fruity play dough. It’s a lot more pleasant than it sounds actually. It’s not too overpowering and I really don’t mind it. I can see how some people wouldn’t like it. You can’t smell it at all when it’s on the lips though so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.



The first color I got was #luv u. This is a kind of light berry pink color. For me it’s perfect to add just a hint of color, it’s a great everyday color. This is the one I pretty much always have in my purse just in case I forget to put something on because I think it goes with everything. It doesn’t have any shimmer but it’s glossy.






The next color I went out and got was #tweet me. This is your classic red color. I think this one is slightly less pigmented than the other two but this is so perfect as an everyday red. It goes with so much more than a regular full on red lip would and it gives the same effect. It’s great if you want to see if you like red on your lips and to just add a little color to your everyday makeup.







The last one I got is the one that looks the darkest and it’s called #2 cute. I really love this one. It comes off as a slightly dark classic red on the lips. Honestly it looks a little like how I thought the other one would in the swatch but on the lips it’s definitely a little darker. It looks like it should have some shimmer in it but on the lips you can’t really tell. This is a really fantastic way to try out a darker color in a more sheer and easy to wear form. Again it’s also great for everyday wear.





So overall I really enjoy these products. No they aren’t perfect but they’re around $5 so it’s not like I’m breaking the bank on them. I love that I can have different types of colors that all work really well for everyday and are so easy to just throw on throughout the day. For what they are I give them a 7.5 because I do wish they wore a little longer than they do. Obviously if you want a full on color, long wearing lip product these aren’t for you but I really enjoy them. Hey we made it to the weekend! Hope your week was good. I’ll probably post an update tomorrow but if I don’t then have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday. 🙂






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