Nail Polish Haul!

So earlier this week my mom got rid of a bunch of her nail polish. She can never get it to work for her so she’s moved on to gel. That’s awesome for me though because now I have a bunch of new polish to try and share with you guys. I got 8 different clear coat type things. I won’t put pictures up of all of them but I will tell you what they all are. I got 3 Sally Hansen ones: Double Duty which is a strengthening base and top coat that I tried today so I’ll let you know whether I like it, Dry-Kwik which just dries your nails quickly and I also tried today (it dried the nails really fast, like moments after I put it on), and then New Lengths which is a strengthener to help grow longer nails (this one looks old school so I’ll have to see how long my mom has had it). I also got Primetime from ORLY (a nail primer that I used today), a Barielle instant liquid nail hardener (never heard of this brand and it looks a little old school again so we’ll see), Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength, Cutex Nail Developer (this is a 10 day system so sometime when I don’t have polish on I’ll try it), and OPI Start to Finish base and top coat (I also used this today. I used this on one hand and the Sally Hansen one on the other so I’ll see which one I like better).

Okay now onto the fun stuff. I ended up getting 12 new polishes so I’ll try to keep descriptions and thoughts short so I don’t bore you too much. If there’s anything you want a longer review on let me know and I’ll start trying it out so I can review it, you’ll probably see some reviews on some of them anyway.

IMG_2559 IMG_2560The first one I got was a Nail Rock polish in the color Neptune Green. Now this originally came in one of those kits with the little rocks and texture to put over it so I’m not sure how great the quality will be. I do really like the color though and I usually only get dark colors so I thought this would be a nice change. It’s a really nice bright green with a little tint of blue. There’s no shimmer and as far as greens go this would be pretty easy to wear. The brush is pretty nice and it seems to be pretty opaque (2 coats is enough).




IMG_2564IMG_2566My next one is Magic from the brand Pure Ice. I’m not too sure about the color on this one or the quality. It’s kind of a burnt red orange in some lights and a red brown in others. It’s very shimmery. It looks pretty in the bottle and I thought it would be good for the fall. It applies a little streaky but really quite opaque. The brush is okay, nothing special.







IMG_2572IMG_2574IMG_2570Next was an ORLY color in In The Navy. I’ve never tried this brand but I love the color. It’s a nice dark blue (it looks almost black, these tend to be my favorite polish colors for some reason, almost black but with a little color) with some really gorgeous fine almost duochrome blue and purple shimmers. It looks so nice in the light. If the staying power on this is good it might become one of my favorites. I only really needed one coat but put on two and the lid is soft so it’s really nice to hold when painting the nails. The one bad thing so far is the brush. This brush is so bad. I had the hardest time getting it to work for me. It’s too thin, doesn’t pick up enough polish, and if it was a different color it would definitely be leaving streaks.


IMG_2580IMG_2582Next is a Covergirl polish in Timeless Rubies. This one is a glitter polish in a nice kind of raspberry gold red. I would probably mostly put it over another color but it seems opaque enough that with a couple coats you could wear it on it’s own. Some people probably don’t like the square lid but I really love it, it fits perfectly in my hand and also makes it easy to store these. The brush is fine but again, nothing too special. I really want to try this one over some of my darker red colors and see how it looks.






IMG_2588IMG_2590I got another Essie polish to add to my collection! This one is in Midnight Cami and it really pretty. The color itself is very similar to the ORLY one, very dark navy blue. This one looks a little more blue to me though because of the shimmer in it. It’s really packed with pretty blue shimmers. The brush is a little thin but still easy enough to work with. This one looks good with 2 or 3 coats. If it’s anything like the other Essie polishes I have it will last a pretty good amount of time on the nails. From what I’ve read this will stain quite a bit so a base coat is a good idea.





IMG_2596I got two China Glaze colors which is also a new brand for me. The first color is Pull Me Close. I guess this was part of their Magnetix collection so you can use a little tool to pull around the shimmer and such. I’ll probably just use it like a regular polish. The color is really pretty, it’s a blue grey color withIMG_2594 quite a bit of shimmer. It’s more silver grey than blue but you can still see a little bit of the blue. I think this would look great over one of the dark blue colors. The brush is yet again nothing special but still okay. You probably should go with 2 or 3 coats of this.

The second color is called Xtreme Thrash. This is definitely not my usual color but I think it will look great in the summer (I need more summer colors anyway). It’s a super bright red orange with lots of red, orange, and gold tiny shimmers. This would definitely be a pop color. The opaqueness and brush are the same as the other one. I’m excited to try this one when summer comes around.


Haunt it


Bottom 4 are OPI and Butter London


Last one is Haunt it

I got four OPI colors. The first one is for Sephora (which is weird because neither my mom nor I have every been to Sephora) and it’s called If You’ve Got it, Haunt it. This is a fairly sheer grey base with silver, black, and holographic glitter. If you build it up enough it would look great on its own but I would probably put it over another color because it would take quite a few coats to build the glitter up enough. The brush is fantastic (one of the kind where it’s longer one way and thin the other so it ends up looking like a flat brush).



The next color is Mauving to Manitoba. This is a mauve that’s more on the red and warm side. It’s really pretty and it’s, again, not something I would usually go for. I have a flowery dress that I think would look great with this though so I’m excited to try out that combo. The brush is fantastic. I think 2 or 3 coats would be enough. It has a shimmer to it which can make it look streaky.


Here Today

Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow is next. This is a dark forest green color with no shimmer. This one seems thinner than the other one and also a lot less opaque. This would probably take 3 or 4 coats. The color is really pretty though, that same almost black color. This one also took a little longer to dry. We’ll have to see how I like it when I actually wear it.



The last OPI color is Eiffel for this Color. If nothing else the puns in the names are great. This is a dark vampy pruple with purple and red shimmer. The opaqueness is better than the last one and would probably only need 2 or 3 coats. Again this brush is fantastic. This one is really almost black, more so than the other ones. In the right light you can see the shimmer and then you see more of a purpley color. I really like it but it might be too dark for some people.




IMG_2614The last color I got is the most expensive one. This is from butter London and in the color Slapper. This is such a gorgeous teal color. It’s very bright and would be prefect for the summer or spring. This would be opaque in 2 or 3 coats. The brush is nothing special. I like the bottle though. The rectangle shape makes it easy to store and you take off the top square part to get to the part you have to hold to apply the polish which is a regular circle. I’m so excited for this color. This is my favorite color in general so the polish is a great addition to my collection.



Overall I think I got a lot of cool new colors to try. Again you should really let me know if you want a longer review on anything mentioned. My other post for the day will go up after I eat dinner and it should be a lippy review. I’ll see you guys soon. đŸ™‚











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