Real Techniques Brushes Review

I’m really big on drugstore items so when I heard so many good things about these brushes I knew I had to give them a try. I went out and got the expert face brush, the travel essentials set and the starter set. Overall I really like all the brushes I got.

The first brush I knew I had to get was the expert face brush. I had heard a lot about it on Youtube and most of the time I just applied my foundation with my fingers so I thought it would be nice to give something else a try. The brush itself is quite dense. expert-face-brush-full-01It’s thicker on one side and tapered all around. It’s really good for both getting the product on (more of like painting it on) as well as buffing the product in. I don’t really get any streaks with this. It gives a really good finish on the skin and also makes the product have pretty good coverage. The bottom of the handle is flat so you can stand it up where ever you need to which is really nice for storage and also makes it so you can set it down without it rolling all over the place. The one thing I didn’t really like so much was how much product I had to use with it (which I would assume is a problem with most foundation type brushes). I had to use a ton of product because the brush basically eats all the foundation you put on it. Aside from foundation I don’t think you could use this with too much else. If you’re really careful you could probably use it for blush or bronzer, the buffing you can do with it would probably blend it in quite well. The brush is $9.00 on their website and I do think it’s worth the price. It feels nice in your hand, is a good size, and does the job better than a regular foundation brush for me. Overall I’m really happy with this purchase and use this brush quite a bit.

The next thing I got was the Travel Essentials set which comes with the essential foundation brush, the multitask brush, and the domed shadow brush and costs $18.00 on their website. This also comes with a nice case that folds up so it’s easy to travel with. You can also open it and the case acts as a cool stand for your brushes. All of the brushes are really soft and feel nice and light in your hand. I think this is a really nice starter to get if you are just starting with makeup and need something or if you just want to check out the brand. It also is really great for travelling, I could do a whole look with just this set.

Unfortunately I never use the foundation brush. I can never get a flat foundation brush like that to work without leaving streaks. Overall it seems like a nice soft brush and a good size for applying foundation. I have used it for concealer in the past and it works pretty well for that.

15-pp-0214-dgr5-v1_travel-essentialsThe domed shadow brush is a really great brush for all over the lid. It is actually a really great multitasker on the eyes because you can pack shadow on the lid, put it on your brow bone, smoke it out in the crease, or even blend. It’s longer on one side and tapered all around. It’s pretty fluffy for a brush like this. I use this brush quite a bit on my eyes and have quite a few brushes like it because I can never seem to have enough, this type just works so well for me. It’s really soft and never irritates my eyes and is a good density for packing on enough shadow.

The multitask brush is exactly what it says. You can use this for powder, blush, highlight, or contour. I’m sure you can use it for other stuff I haven’t come up with yet too. Recently I’ve been using it for bronzer as it’s a great size and density to get just the right amount of color on. I’ve used it for all the other things I’ve mentioned too and it works great for all of them. This is kind of a small powder brush shape, fairly dense but not dense enough that it’s hard to apply blush. This is definitely the one I use the most out of this set.

The other set I got is the starter set which has the base shadow brush, the deluxe crease brush, the accent brush, the fine liner brush, and the brow brush and costs $18 as well. Again it comes with the same type of case which is great. I didn’t mention it before but the outside of the case is fairly protective and doesn’t fold or bend so it won’t ruin the brushes. I think this is a really good set if you just want some new brushes for your eye area (eye area sounds weird, I apologize for my awkwardness).

The first brush is the base shadow brush. This one is pretty thin at the bottom and then fluffs out a lot. It’s also got fairly long bristles. I really like using this one to blend. It’s the perfect size for blending and just does such a great job of it. I can also see using this to put shadow all over your lid but honestly I’ll probably never use it for anything other than blending because it’s just so perfect for that.

15-pp-0214-dgr5-v1_starter-setThe deluxe crease brush is my perfect concealer brush. It’s round and fairly flat topped which make it great for buffing in concealer. I especially love using this under my eyes. It’s pretty over-sized for the lid or crease area but it’s really perfect for concealer. Dense enough that it gives you good coverage and the bristles are firm enough that they stand up to the buffing.

The accent brush is fantastic for smudging out liner and getting shadow along your lower lash line. This is kind of shaped like the domed shadow brush but much smaller. The size is great for getting it right along the lower lash line and the bristles are small enough that they are awesome for smudging. It’s still really soft so even when I’m really smudging out liner my eyes don’t get irritated.

The finer liner brush is one that I don’t get to use that often. You can’t really use it with eye shadow because it’s so thin (you kind of can for eyeliner but it doesn’t work too well) and I usually use a felt tip for my liner. I have used it with the liner from my felt tip (just getting the liner from that onto the brush) and I can say that it works fantastic for that. The bristles are fairly stiff which, I think, makes it easier to do liner. I feel like I have a lot of control with this and it’s thin enough to do nice subtle liner if you want to or do get a nice flick with a winged look (I actually successfully did a winged look with this which is really saying something). I really need some good suggestions for gel liners and stuff because I would love to use this brush more often.

The last brush is the brow brush and this is definitely the one I use the least. To me it seems to thick to be able to do your brows naturally. I don’t really ever do my brows anyway (they are already really thick and if anything I need gel to keep the hair in place). The only time I use this is if I’m doing really smoking liner with an eye shadow or to blend out liner or shadow close to the lash line. I could probably use it to put a highlight along my brow bone as well but other than that it’s just too thick to use.

Overall I’m really happy with all of the purchases and use these brushes on a daily basis. I think they are good quality and reasonably priced. I think the sets are a really good start to a brush collection and also really good for travelling. I use almost all the brushes and lots of them can be used for multiple things which is great. Overall I rate the expert face brush 8 out of 10, the travel essentials 7.75 out of 10, and the starter kit 8 out of 10. Hopefully your Monday was great (no school yay) and hopefully the rest of your week will be great. Have a great evening/morning/day and I’ll see you Thursday. 🙂


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