February Let Downs :/

I really want to start doing favorites every month so I decided to start things off with some of the let downs this month for me. Maybe it will help you decide on whether you should buy something or not. Also, just because I say it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you, you may love it.

11948m_lWith that being said my first let down this month was something that I actually had super high hopes for and something that I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about, The Body Shop’s pink grapefruit shower gel. I got the smaller 250 mL size for travelling and it cost me $8.00 which, I think, is quite a high price for such a small size. The good thing is that this smells exactly like a grapefruit so if you like that, you’ll love this. I also love how they get their ingredients. The things I didn’t like were the consistency and the fact that I couldn’t get any sort of lather going at all. Maybe it’s just mine but the one that I got is less of a gel and more of a straight up water consistency. It makes it hard to get a good amount without going overboard and makes it hard to actually get it from the bottle to where you want it to be. I also have yet to actually have this act like a soap at all. I have never gotten it to foam and lather up like a regular soap and it legitimately feels like I’m just rubbing water on my skin. I don’t know if it’s just the one I got but this was definitely a let down for me and I expected a lot more. Let me know if you’ve tried it and had different results from it.

2208027Next is the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub. This also gets fairly good so maybe it’s just my skin that hates it. This costs $9.99. So this stuff dries my skin out so much. Almost immediately after getting this all off my face I can feel my skin tighten up. I ALWAYS put my moisturizer on after this (it’s a fairly thick moisturizer as well) and it never helps. It’s probably because of the salicylic acid in it but it makes my skin dry, irritated, and red. I honestly don’t notice a difference in how many blemishes I get either, at least I don’t break out more from it I guess. There are definitely other faces washes that work just as well if not better and that also don’t dry my face out so much. My skin just hates it but maybe if you have less sensitive skin it would work better.

IMG_2519I had a candle haul earlier this month which you can see here and I liked all the candles I got except one. The Rio Red Guava one gives off basically no smell at all. When you just smell it when it’s not lit it’s a very subtle scent and when you do actually light it, I honestly smell nothing at all. I’m also not a huge fan of the design on the outside. The other two that I got with designs on the outside were much better designs. These cost you $4. Overall it just wasn’t what I was expecting from a Bath & Body Works candle.

IMG_2640I have some pretty flat hair so I was pretty excited to get the Up All Night Volumizing Spray from eva nyc. This is something that you are supposed to be able to use before blow drying your hair or just on dry hair as a kind of pick me up. I’ve used it on my dry hair and I will not be trying it before blow drying. This made my hair really oily. I have another spray like this that is oily but doesn’t make my hair look oily and does a much better job on my hair. I really saw no difference in my hair except the oil. There was no added healthy shine, no bounce or volume, nothing like what it said. I should mention that I have blonde hair so oil shows up really easily, maybe you won’t have the same problem as me. I really wanted to like this but I didn’t.

FullSizeRender (1)Another thing that I got from an Ipsy bag was the Nourish Organic eye cream. I really wanted this to work, I wanted to add an eye cream to my routine but this just really didn’t work. I used it for a couple weeks every day without fail and noticed absolutely zero difference. It moisturizes but not any better than my regular moisturizer does. Other than the moisture though, everything stayed exactly the same. It simply did nothing.

jessesgirl1Now onto the makeup. The first makeup product is a really popular one and it just didn’t work for me. Jesse’s Girl liquid liner just wasn’t great. I really haven’t seen a single bad review on this so for me not to like it was a surprise. This is a calligraphy style pen which I kind of have a love hate relationship with. For me, it’s too flimsy, I couldn’t figure out how to get more precision with it. My brush also had one little chunk that liked to hang out away from the rest of the bristles which made application hard. I also had some trouble with the formula. Mine transferred onto my lid throughout the day which isn’t a pretty look. It also bleeds in lines quite a bit compared to my other liquid liner. I’ve seen people say that they can get it opaque in one swipe but for me, it takes 2 or 3 swipes to get it opaque. It just really didn’t work well for me. It’s only around $5 so maybe you should give it a shot but it wasn’t for me.

FullSizeRenderNext is the bella pierre cosmetics shimmer powder in exite. This is a super shimmery white loose powder. I really see no use for this except for as a highlight. This is just simply too shimmery for me to do anything with. The only place I really every use this is on the corner of my eyes. Other than the color I find that I get a lot of fallout (kinda to be expected from a loose powder) and the shimmer blends out great but the color itself just kind of stays where ever you put it. It’s hard to work with and I have other products that I like much better.

15336637Last, but not least, is the Covergirl + Olay De-Puffer eye concealer. This covers nothing up. It really have next to nothing for coverage which kind of sucks for something that cost me around $10. I also got the lightest shade and it’s still too dark and the wrong color tone to brighten up under my eyes. The only good part about this is that applicator feels great when you use it. Other than that I really don’t like anything about it unfortunately. It just simply doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

So how many of these products have you tried and have any of them worked for you? I was really sad about some of these as I had been super excited to try most of them. I should have my favorites up on Saturday, decided to get the bad out of the way first and end with a high note. My makeup free week is still going strong (click here for more info on that) and hopefully your week is going great whether it’s makeup free or not. Have a great day guys, tomorrow is Friday, we’ve almost made it. I’ll see you guys Saturday. 🙂


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