February Favorites!

February was a pretty eventful month for me but, for the most part, I used a lot of the same products I always do. I do have a couple beauty favorites I wanted to share with you and then a couple non beauty favorites at the end as well.



My first favorite was the scent I’ve been wearing at the moment. I’ve been using the fine fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works in Pink Chiffon. I think the mists are really good for everyday and the scent stays for quite a while if you spray it more on your clothes than your skin. This is supposed to smell like red pear, jasmine petals, tiare flowers, vanilla orchid, and chiffon musk. It’s basically a really sweet scent with the musk coming through as well. It’s kind of a more grown up sweet girly scent. It’s quite a strong scent as well so you don’t need to use too much. I’ve just been really liking it this month.

71DDDkZZi0L._SY355_So I put a face wash in my February Let Downs post but there is a face wash that I’ve actually been enjoying. I’m not huge on face washes but I’ve recently been really liking the Clean & Clear Morning Burst skin brightening facial scrub. For me it really does kind of wake me up in the morning with the kind fresh scent. This has been super gentle on my skin compared to most face washes and I’ve had no problems with it drying out my face too much. It makes my skin feel clean and after using it for a while my skin really did look and feel better.

11048719So because I’ve gone without makeup for the week, (check out that post here) I’ve just been wearing moisturizer on my face and it’s really reminded me how much I love my moisturizer. I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer (full review here). This stuff makes my skin look fantastic. I notice such a difference between the days I do use it and the ones I don’t. Without makeup on this really adds a nice finish to the skin. I’ve just been really reliant on this recently and it’s reminded me why I love it.

0000067_revlon_colorstay_makeup_with_softflex_for_normaldry_skinfoundationI’ve also gone back to an old favorite for foundation, Revlon Colorstay (full review here). My color for this at the moment is 150 Buff and it’s a pretty good match for my pale winter skin. Now usually I only use this for special occasions because of the fantastic wear and coverage from it but recently I’ve been loving it for just everyday wear as well. This is just a fantastic foundation. It stays forever, covers everything, has a great natural finish, I just love it.

IMG_2644A new favorite for me came from my Ipsy bag this month (February Ipsy) in the form of the Model Co blush in Peach Bellini. I loved the color when I first looked at it and now that I’ve used it a bit I can confirm that I love it. The color is an amazing pigmented peach that will look great this summer. It blends out well and wears well. It also has gold shimmer so it adds a nice glow. This has become a go to blush for me and I really love it.



My last makeup favorite and the They’re Real mascara from Benefit. I got this a while ago in a little sample kit with the eyeliner as well. I really didn’t like the eyeliner much but I love the mascara. Since I got it, it’s been my everyday mascara. I have lots of problems with mascara and liner running on my eyes but this stuff stays so well. It makes my lashes look fantastic and adds both volume and length (less length than volume). I never have problems with it clumping and I personally really like the brush. The extra bristles on the end really help me get the lashes at the corners of my eyes. I’ll probably go back to a cheaper mascara after this but as far as high end goes this one really works for me.

IMG_2517Okay I did a candle haul earlier and had one of the candles in my Let Downs this month so I thought it only fair to have a favorite candle this month. By far my favorite candle that I got is Tiki Beach which smells like vanilla musk, orchids, and toasted coconuts. If I were a candle scent this one would be me. I love vanilla and orchids. You can smell the coconut a little and it makes it feel more summery and blends really well with the other scents. You can also kind of smell the toasted part of the toasted coconut if that makes sense, it just smells warm. It really does remind me of a night on the beach with tiki torches lit and I love it.

My current favorite song is Mess is Mine by Vance Joy. I like this one better than Riptide. He sounds great on it and I think it’s really catchy. It’s just a fun acoustic guitar song. Another song I’ve been loving is Blank Space by Taylor Swift and I’m not even a Taylor fan. She sounds great on it, I love why she wrote it and I just love singing it with her. One more is Uptown Funk, it’s just really catchy and gets stuck in my head.

My life is pretty much Netflix so I always have lots of TV show favorites. I’ve been really liking Face Off on Syfy. I love seeing the makeups that they come up with and I recently made my mom watch it so now she’s addicted as well. I recently found a show called The Paradise on Netflix and I’ve really liked it so far. It’s about the first department store in Britain and it’s only two seasons so it’s pretty quick to get through.

Favorite movie was probably Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I really really enjoyed this movie. It’s well written and the performances are all solid. It’s kind of a romance but the majority of the story doesn’t really revolve too much around romance. It probably helped that Lee Pace was in it (he’s gorgeous).

So those were my favorites! What have you guys been enjoying? I always need new things to try. I’m looking forward to this next month with spring break and such. Hopefully everyone had a good month. Have a great day guys and I’ll see you Tuesday. šŸ™‚


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