Trust Fund Beauty ~ Elegantly Wasted Nail Polish Review

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. I got the Elegantly Wasted polish by Trust Fund Beauty in my Ipsy bag and wanted to do a little review for it because I’ve been wearing it a bit recently. This product is 17ml (essie is 13.5) and cost $15 on their website. I was happy that they included this in Ipsy because I wouldn’t usually spend $15 on a nail polish.

ipsyaug2015tfLet’s start with the good. The packaging is cute and the names and theme of all the polishes are well thought out and charming (with names like Publicist on Speed-Dial and Insta-Famous). The first thing I noticed when first applying this was that the brush is pretty nice. It’s the kind of brush that is flatter on one side to make applying the polish easier and it didn’t create any streaks. I was able to get the color opaque in just 2 thin coats. On the nails the color looks great, it’s a dark lilac color with no shimmer. It also dried very fast, faster than most of the polishes I own.

20150918_220439My one big problem with the polish is that it started chipping right away on me. It’s supposed to be chip resistant but mine was chipping during the first day of wear. I usually don’t have a huge problem with chipping so I was surprised. I should mention that I had nothing else on my nails, no primer or top coat to help the polish out. Next time I’ll have to try it with a top coat or something but I usually don’t have to do that. It’s gotten great reviews overall though so maybe it’s just me with a problem with it chipping.

Overall I probably wouldn’t go out and spend $15 on this. The color is pretty but it’s something that I would be able to find in another, cheaper line. I would give this a 6.5 out of 10 because it chipped so much so early on me and it’s a fairly average polish. I would definitely say that the Sally Hansen polish I have is better (you can find that review here) and so is my Essie polish.

Like I said, I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I’m going to try to get a movie review for Scorch Trails up tomorrow as an extra post this week so watch for that. Have an amazing day and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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