Physicians Formula ~ Bronze Minerals Eye Shadow Quad Review

20150925_145703A couple weeks ago my mom went through her makeup and gave me some of the stuff she wasn’t using. Most of it was really old or pretty poor quality stuff but one of them was this Physicians Formula eye shadow quad. I’m actually not sure where you can get these anymore. I know that she got hers at Ross and they sell them on Amazon and Ebay. If you’re lucky and find one at Ross then they are only about $3.

Price and Packaging:

If you’re lucky and get one of these at Ross then the price is excellent for the product you get. I would pay quite a bit more than $3 for this particular product so paying a regular drugstore price for this is well worth it. The packaging is a bit bulky to account for two different compartments. Both compartments stay closed very well so if you travel with this you don’t have to worry about it opening. The mirror and a brush are in the bottom compartment which keeps the mirror nice and clean but might be a little weird for actually applying the product. The brush is a fairly cheap sponge tip on one side a a small brush on the other. The brush itself is softer than most and I bet if I didn’t have my own makeup brushes I would be able to make it work.


I’ve heard of about 3 or 4 other quads that you can get so there’s a slight variation there. The colors in this particular pallet are very wearable, natural colors. To me it looks like they all have a bit of shimmer. The first one looks almost matte but still a little satin. I like that I can use just this one quad to make a couple different eye looks without having to use any other shadows. I also think that this would be a great pallet to have to use with some brighter colors.


The formula for these is amazing. I couldn’t believe how soft these felt. They blend out well and play nice with other shadows as well. The color payoff is fantastic and each color shows up how it does in the quad. These last on my eyes all day with minimal creasing. With a primer there is no creasing at all. Basically I’m in love with the formula.


The first color in the quad is a super light beige. This ends up blending right in with my skin which makes it good for blending and also for making other shades lighter. Out of the four this is the one I use the least but the formula is still great.



The second color is a more cool toned tan color. This would be a good lid color to work off of and also works really well for blending out darker colors. This one is slightly darker than my skin so it’s a pretty great lid color for me.


The third one is my favorite. This is a red toned brown color. I love using this one to make the green in my eyes pop more. This is a great way to do a very wearable red eye shadow look. I also find that this looks great as a kind of glow around darker colors in the crease. I think you could find a lot of ways to use this one and it’s really pretty.



The last one is your dark brown color. I would say that this is just a hair lighter than most dark browns but works really well for a natural look. Also, I have pretty pale skin so this works great for me in my crease. This color and the second color together make for a great everyday eye look.




Overall, I love this quad. You can do so much with it by itself and it works so well with other eye shadows too. The formula is so fantastic and the pigmentation is amazing. I would say that if you have dark skin you might have some trouble with the colors but they work great with my super pale skin. I wish that these were more readily available because I love this one and would love to try the other quads. I know it’s a bit weird to review a product you might not be able to get your hands on but I just loved it so much. If you get the chance to try these you should. I give this a 8.5 almost 9 out of 10. What’s your favorite drugstore eye shadow? I haven’t actually tried too many of them. I hope you guys had a great week and have a fantastic Weekend. See you guys on Sunday.


One thought on “Physicians Formula ~ Bronze Minerals Eye Shadow Quad Review

  1. I actually just decluttered one of these. Mine was the mauve toned quad and you are soooooooo right about the formula on these. IMO PF makes some of the best shadows you can find in the drugstore. Once this one dies on you, give their Canyon Classics quad a try. You can find it at most drugstores for $6.99. Ulta also regularly does 40% off PF too 🙂


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