Weekend Update!

I hope you guys are having a great Valentine’s Day whether you have a significant other or not. If nothing else it’s a great excuse to eat chocolate. So this next week I want to keep doing reviews and stuff like normal. All of my reviews are of things I’ve already had for a while because I currently don’t have a job and don’t have enough money to go out and buy new stuff. I’ve got enough stuff to last me a while for reviews on makeup and hopefully my Ipsy bag will come soon.

I’ve been wanting to do another hair tutorial. Tutorials are hard to do without a video though so let me know if you want a tutorial video or have other ideas on how to make that work. I could also be doing more clothes videos. If you guys have any ideas at all of things you want to see definitely let me know.

I’ve been thinking and I’m going to change how often I do posts. Right now I try to do them every week day and with school, church, trying to find a job, and family stuff that’s too many. I want to make sure to post quality stuff for you guys so I’m going to be posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every now and then I might post an extra day or something if I have enough time but those three are the days that you can always expect to hear from me.

Like I said, if you have any ideas or anything for me make sure you let me know. I love hearing from you guys. Hopefully your week has gone great and your Valentine’s Day is spectacular. Have a good rest of the weekend and I’ll see you Tuesday. πŸ™‚


Nail Polish Haul!

So earlier this week my mom got rid of a bunch of her nail polish. She can never get it to work for her so she’s moved on to gel. That’s awesome for me though because now I have a bunch of new polish to try and share with you guys. I got 8 different clear coat type things. I won’t put pictures up of all of them but I will tell you what they all are. I got 3 Sally Hansen ones: Double Duty which is a strengthening base and top coat that I tried today so I’ll let you know whether I like it, Dry-Kwik which just dries your nails quickly and I also tried today (it dried the nails really fast, like moments after I put it on), and then New Lengths which is a strengthener to help grow longer nails (this one looks old school so I’ll have to see how long my mom has had it). I also got Primetime from ORLY (a nail primer that I used today), a Barielle instant liquid nail hardener (never heard of this brand and it looks a little old school again so we’ll see), Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength, Cutex Nail Developer (this is a 10 day system so sometime when I don’t have polish on I’ll try it), and OPI Start to Finish base and top coat (I also used this today. I used this on one hand and the Sally Hansen one on the other so I’ll see which one I like better).

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Lazy Day

Alright so I had a bit of a lazy day today since I had no classes and forgot to post something until now (it’s already 8:30). So instead of hurrying to come up with something and get it done really quick and sloppy, I’m going to try my very best to do 2 posts tomorrow. Hopefully that will make up for no post today. I really hope your weeks are going well. Have a fantastic night (or evening, or morning, or whatever it is where you are) and I’ll see you tomorrow (hopefully twice).

Random Wednesday #2

Okay I really need to come up with a better name for Wednesdays, Random Wednesday just isn’t cutting it for me. It’s been a long week for me, I haven’t been sleeping well. Hopefully this second half of the week will go better and I’ll get some more sleep. I’ll post like usual and do an update during the weekend to let you all know what I have planned and such.


Liked it a lot better this length. Sorry for the messy hair and lack of makeup.


Bad lighting but this was it. Don’t really like the cut looking back though.

Do you ever want to just chop off your hair? I have hair probably down to my elbows and it’s really getting to the point where I just want it all gone. Originally I had kind of challenged myself to see how long I could get it (I’m so competitive and stubborn that I compete with myself) and once it started to get this long I told myself I would at least wait until the summer but now I just want it gone. But then, of course, I remember that if I do that I can’t braid it and stuff so I’m stuck (also not so great at making decisions).


And the start of the fringe. Still liked the length. Also had it strawberry blonde, only time I’ve colored it.

1455052_10200596764914542_2060313296_n (1)

And bangs again but with long hair.

The last time I cut my hair was the end of 2013 and that was just cutting my bangs. The last time I really cut it was mid 2012 and I had it really short then, like chin length. I really like growing it out long and then getting it cut really short. By the time it gets really long I’m pretty ready for a change and I also get to donate it most of the time. Right now it’s just kind of annoying. I hardly ever wear it down (it’s almost always in a ponytail or braid) and when I do wear it down it’s so hair to keep it looking nice. My hair likes to all hang out together so it looks messy pretty quickly (it’s not tangled really it’s just messy if that makes sense) and my hair is pretty flat and extremely straight so I can’t get it to do much for very long.

I haven’t decided yet when I’ll get it cut but it will probably be soon. Maybe I’ll do a haircut update on a Wednesday sometime when I finally get it done. What short haircuts do you guys like? I like some of the pixi cuts but I’m probably too scared to do it and don’t want to deal with growing it out. I also like the blunt kind of bob looks. Let me know what you guys think, I can always use ideas. Hope your week is going great and that you’re getting more sleep than I am. Have a stupendous day and I’ll see you tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Candle and Clothes Haul!

So I know I’ve been gone for over a week and I didn’t tell you guys I was going to be gone. Next time anything like that happens I’ll make sure to let you guys know what’s going on. But I’m back now and I’ve got a small clothing and candles haul. I have 6 little candles from Bath & Body Works and a candle holder along with two clothing items. Not a huge haul but it’s my first candles from there so I wanted to share.

IMG_2508 I’ll go ahead and get the clothes out of the way. I had a gift card to Ross from Christmas so I figured I should go use it. The first thing I got is a Marvel tank top.IMG_2506 It’s kind of the sporty cut with low cuts for the arms so you really have to wear something under it whether it’s another tank top, bandeau, and really whatever you want. I’ve also worn stuff over it and that fixes it as well. This was around $5 which I thought was a really good deal and I had to get it in an extra large. The large fit everywhere except over my chest. It didn’t go all the way across like I wanted it to so I opted for a size up which fits really well especially for a nice comfy throw on tank top. I like the design with the old comic style and slightly faded letters. The sides are literally just cut off without any sewing or anything and the neck has a black band around the color. I really like the look and feel of this and am glad to be adding it to my Marvel collection.

IMG_2502IMG_2498The next item is a cardigan type sweater that cost about $15. It doesn’t have buttons or a zipper so it’s always open. It’s a light tan color that I think will look good with quite a few things. It’s a nice loose comfy fit. I got this one in a large. The sleeves are the perfect length for me and it isn’t overly long or short. It’s also got a nice kind of crochet pattern in the back so you’ll be able to see whatever you’re wearing under it. It isn’t too heavy so it’s really nice for layering. It feels nice and the shape is really nice for me I think. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this when things get a little cold.


IMG_2513IMG_2514Now onto the candles. I got a gift card here for Christmas as well and I’d never bought candles so I decided I had enough lotions and such and went this route instead. The first thing I got was a candle holder. It’s a blue tinted jar. It has a holder inside that keeps the candle about halfway down and also a holder so you can hang it somewhere if you want. I loved the look of it and thought it would go well in my room. I thought it was really cute and it was $16.50. The jar has little bobbles in it so it looks really cool when the lights are out. I’m really happy with it.

I got six different little candles. These are originally $4.50 and they were on sale for 3 for $12. The lady there also gave me a coupon so I got everything for even cheaper. These are the little candles (so they fit in the jar) that last for about 10 hours. I liked the idea of being able to try a bunch of different scents without too much commitment. I can switch out scents often and if I want to try a new one it only costs me $5 instead of the $20 it costs for the big ones.

IMG_2516The first one I really wanted was Caribbean Escape. It says it smells like tropical melon, raspberry nectar, lemon, coconut milk, and raw sugar cane. It’s a very sweet smell (I’m so bad at describing smells but I’ll do my best) and I really wish they had a body mist that smelled like this because this is what I want to smell like. I don’t really think of the Caribbean when I smell it but it is sweet and fruity and it’s a nice bright fun smell. I want to say it’s a warm fruity smell but it’s more of something like a sunshine fruity smell which I guess is kinda beach-like. This was the one that I knew I wanted from the beginning and I’m really happy with it.

IMG_2521The next one I got was Black Teakwood. It says it has Teakwood (obviously), sandalwood, and lavender. This is basically Abercrombie in a candle. It smells like a guy (at least a good smelling guy, not like gross sweaty guy). My mom asked if I really wanted my room to smell like guy and I said of course. To me it’s a very warm comfy scent. I really have no other way of explaining it. I really like the smell though. If you don’t like guys fragrance and stuff then you probably shouldn’t got for this one.

IMG_2519Rio Red Guava was my next one. Β It smells like guava and passion fruit. This one doesn’t seem quite as strong as the other ones. That isn’t really a bad thing though, it will be a nice light scent. I know my dad doesn’t like too much scent so if you’re like that then this would be nice. It’s obviously fruity again but I think it has less of the sunshine aspect than the other one. I would also say this is maybe a more grown up fruity scent than Caribbean Escape. It will be nice to have some different fruity options to use.


Amazon Falls is next and smells like fresh water, rainforest fern, and “a hint of sunlight”. This one reminds me so much of camping. Nice forest smell with a slight rain scent. Very fresh smelling and also smelly a little like a guy scent again, probably because it smells like a forest. I really like this one and it probably helps that I’ve gone camping every summer since I was really little.

IMG_2518This next one is the one my mom liked the most. Island Waters is supposed to smell like water, palm leaves, and bamboo. My mom really likes fresh and clean scents and also anything that reminds her of water so this was right up her alley. It’s kind of a sweet fresh scent. Definitely reminds me of an island or water. It think both this one and Amazon Falls remind me of rainy days which would be really nice for reading a book or a lazy day inside.

IMG_2517The last one is Tiki Beach. It smells like vanilla musk, orchids, and toasted coconut. Vanilla musk (and vanilla in general) and orchids are both in a lot of scents I like so I really enjoyed this one. It’s still a very sweet scent but it’s also very warm because of the musk and it’s weird but you can kinda smell the toasted part of the toasted coconut. This might be my favorite out of all of the scents.

So far they have all been burning well but I only have one or maybe two burns out of them. One thing I’m slightly worried about is the wicks drowning but hopefully that won’t be a problem. I’ll let you know. I’m really happy with all the scents I got though and also really happy with the candle holder. I could get candles from other places to fit in it too and I could take out the holder and use a bigger candle as well. I’m super happy with everything I got. I hope you guys had a great weekend and I’m hoping this next week will be good. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Dry Winter Hair

I live up in the northwest so our winters get pretty cold and sometimes pretty dry.Obviously that’s not the best thing for my hair (or skin for that matter but that’s a different blog post). I have really long hair (like to my elbows) so the ends are already not in the best condition and the weather in the winter just adds to that. I don’t use heat on it very often (at the most it would be maybe twice a month) because my hair is super straight and doesn’t like to curl and I’ve only ever colored it once so I have relatively healthy hair and I can still feel effects from the winter weather. This time last year I was only using a shampoo and sometimes a conditioner but nothing else. My hair was alright but it was nothing like it is now. I got a certain hair product in an Ipsy bag (So many of my product discoveries are because of Ipsy. You’ll probably get tired of me saying that I got a product in an Ipsy bag) and it was the first product from Ipsy that I went out and bought a full size of, I actually got two products from the brand. Eva NYC was a brand that I had never heard of and I had never really felt the need to do a hair mask and the thought of putting more oil in my hair seemed silly. I got a deep conditioning hair mask in Ipsy though and right once I was down to one last use of the sample I went out and bought more and even bought the oil treatment. Overall my hair feels so much better now than it did last year but let’s talk about the two products more specifically.

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Random Wednesday

Alright I’m going to start off with a little explanation/warning. So college has started back up for me and most days that isn’t a problem but Wednesdays I have class from 12-4 and then church from 6-9 so I’m pretty packed on those days. I still want to post something though. I’m thinking Wednesday will either be a shorter post or something random (I’ll probably try to be clever or something. I’m not that clever though so we’ll see how that turns out). I might make Wednesday my day that is a non-beauty related post or just a random post in general. If you hate the idea of Wednesday being a random post day then let me know and I’ll just post a small review or outfit of the day or something on Wednesdays.

So like I said school has started back up for me. I only have 2 classes (the last two I need for my associates) which isn’t bad but I have a stats class at 7:30 in the morning 2 days a week. I haven’t had a class that early since high school. Basically mornings hate me and I hate mornings so I don’t know what I was thinking signing up for a class so early. Even today with a class that started at 12 I was almost late. How can people even function at 7 in the morning though? I actually want to know. How do people do that, what’s your secret? For my 10 o’clock class a couple semesters ago I had to set like 3 different alarms on my phone and iPod to make sure I would wake up and then always make sure I had my coffee. I just can’t function in the mornings.

So there’s my plea for help. Basically that has been my first week of class so far, wondering how people can take a 7:30 am class and pass. To make this beauty related, what do you guys do for makeup, hair, and outfit on an early morning or a day you’re running late? Right now in the cold months stretchy skinny jeans or leggings and a sweater are my go to. Actually that’s my go to on days when I’m not running late as well, I just love sweaters. I wish it was appropriate to wear sweaters year round. My hair is pretty easy, I can run a bush through it and I’m good to go. I don’t regularly style it because it’s already so straight and doesn’t like to hold curls. If I do something other than just brushing it I usually just put it in a high ponytail or a side braid. The side braid has kind of been my signature lately. For makeup I get really lazy on early mornings. Usually I through on a concealer or two under my eyes (if it’s early and I haven’t gotten enough sleep my under eyes really need the help) and around my nose and chin (the places with the most ugly spots) and then I curl my lashes and put on some mascara. If I get really crazy I put on some blush and highlight my eyes a bit to make me look more awake. So what do you guys do on days like that? I think we could all use some tips to make things faster in the mornings or to give us more ideas, I know I could sure use the help.

I hope the week is going well for everyone. If it’s not going well then you’re half way there and I hope the rest of the week goes better. Hopefully I’ll keep the content somewhat interesting for these days when I’m busy. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!