Real Techniques Brushes Review

I’m really big on drugstore items so when I heard so many good things about these brushes I knew I had to give them a try. I went out and got the expert face brush, the travel essentials set and the starter set. Overall I really like all the brushes I got.

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Weekend Update!

I hope you guys are having a great Valentine’s Day whether you have a significant other or not. If nothing else it’s a great excuse to eat chocolate. So this next week I want to keep doing reviews and stuff like normal. All of my reviews are of things I’ve already had for a while because I currently don’t have a job and don’t have enough money to go out and buy new stuff. I’ve got enough stuff to last me a while for reviews on makeup and hopefully my Ipsy bag will come soon.

I’ve been wanting to do another hair tutorial. Tutorials are hard to do without a video though so let me know if you want a tutorial video or have other ideas on how to make that work. I could also be doing more clothes videos. If you guys have any ideas at all of things you want to see definitely let me know.

I’ve been thinking and I’m going to change how often I do posts. Right now I try to do them every week day and with school, church, trying to find a job, and family stuff that’s too many. I want to make sure to post quality stuff for you guys so I’m going to be posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every now and then I might post an extra day or something if I have enough time but those three are the days that you can always expect to hear from me.

Like I said, if you have any ideas or anything for me make sure you let me know. I love hearing from you guys. Hopefully your week has gone great and your Valentine’s Day is spectacular. Have a good rest of the weekend and I’ll see you Tuesday. 🙂

Covergirl Smoochies Review

So this is kind of a nice product to have in your purse. I have 3 different colors and you can usually get then for around $4 or $5. You get quite a bit of product compared to most lippies out now. These give you some sheer color and are also supposed to moisturize (as they are a lip balm) I actually like these quite a bit. For a lip balm I don’t want anything with too much color, I just want something I can apply easily throughout the day whenever I want.

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Nail Polish Haul!

So earlier this week my mom got rid of a bunch of her nail polish. She can never get it to work for her so she’s moved on to gel. That’s awesome for me though because now I have a bunch of new polish to try and share with you guys. I got 8 different clear coat type things. I won’t put pictures up of all of them but I will tell you what they all are. I got 3 Sally Hansen ones: Double Duty which is a strengthening base and top coat that I tried today so I’ll let you know whether I like it, Dry-Kwik which just dries your nails quickly and I also tried today (it dried the nails really fast, like moments after I put it on), and then New Lengths which is a strengthener to help grow longer nails (this one looks old school so I’ll have to see how long my mom has had it). I also got Primetime from ORLY (a nail primer that I used today), a Barielle instant liquid nail hardener (never heard of this brand and it looks a little old school again so we’ll see), Nutra Nail Bullet-Proof Strength, Cutex Nail Developer (this is a 10 day system so sometime when I don’t have polish on I’ll try it), and OPI Start to Finish base and top coat (I also used this today. I used this on one hand and the Sally Hansen one on the other so I’ll see which one I like better).

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Lazy Day

Alright so I had a bit of a lazy day today since I had no classes and forgot to post something until now (it’s already 8:30). So instead of hurrying to come up with something and get it done really quick and sloppy, I’m going to try my very best to do 2 posts tomorrow. Hopefully that will make up for no post today. I really hope your weeks are going well. Have a fantastic night (or evening, or morning, or whatever it is where you are) and I’ll see you tomorrow (hopefully twice).

Random Wednesday #2

Okay I really need to come up with a better name for Wednesdays, Random Wednesday just isn’t cutting it for me. It’s been a long week for me, I haven’t been sleeping well. Hopefully this second half of the week will go better and I’ll get some more sleep. I’ll post like usual and do an update during the weekend to let you all know what I have planned and such.


Liked it a lot better this length. Sorry for the messy hair and lack of makeup.


Bad lighting but this was it. Don’t really like the cut looking back though.

Do you ever want to just chop off your hair? I have hair probably down to my elbows and it’s really getting to the point where I just want it all gone. Originally I had kind of challenged myself to see how long I could get it (I’m so competitive and stubborn that I compete with myself) and once it started to get this long I told myself I would at least wait until the summer but now I just want it gone. But then, of course, I remember that if I do that I can’t braid it and stuff so I’m stuck (also not so great at making decisions).


And the start of the fringe. Still liked the length. Also had it strawberry blonde, only time I’ve colored it.

1455052_10200596764914542_2060313296_n (1)

And bangs again but with long hair.

The last time I cut my hair was the end of 2013 and that was just cutting my bangs. The last time I really cut it was mid 2012 and I had it really short then, like chin length. I really like growing it out long and then getting it cut really short. By the time it gets really long I’m pretty ready for a change and I also get to donate it most of the time. Right now it’s just kind of annoying. I hardly ever wear it down (it’s almost always in a ponytail or braid) and when I do wear it down it’s so hair to keep it looking nice. My hair likes to all hang out together so it looks messy pretty quickly (it’s not tangled really it’s just messy if that makes sense) and my hair is pretty flat and extremely straight so I can’t get it to do much for very long.

I haven’t decided yet when I’ll get it cut but it will probably be soon. Maybe I’ll do a haircut update on a Wednesday sometime when I finally get it done. What short haircuts do you guys like? I like some of the pixi cuts but I’m probably too scared to do it and don’t want to deal with growing it out. I also like the blunt kind of bob looks. Let me know what you guys think, I can always use ideas. Hope your week is going great and that you’re getting more sleep than I am. Have a stupendous day and I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

January Ipsy Bag Update!

IMG_2393 IMG_2392Alright it’s time for me to update you guys on this last month’s Ipsy bag since my new one shipped today. Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag that sends you usually 5 luxury samples and full size products for $10 a month. When you sign up you answer some questions about skin tone and what kind of products you like to help them pick products that will be good for you. You can click here to go to their website and click here to read my blog post from when I first got this month’s items (they’ll open in a new tab so don’t worry). I’ve actually been using the products quite a lot this month and I’ve really been enjoying them. I went and house sat for someone for a week and the bag everything came in definitely came in handy. I used it for some of my makeup and it worked really well. It’s cute and easy to clean.

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