February Favorites!

February was a pretty eventful month for me but, for the most part, I used a lot of the same products I always do. I do have a couple beauty favorites I wanted to share with you and then a couple non beauty favorites at the end as well.

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Black Eyeliner Reviews

I’ll say right up front that I’m pretty crap at applying eyeliner anywhere other than just my waterline. Tight lining my eyes feels funny, I can never get wings right, and I always manage to find a way to mess up a simple line of eyeliner. That being said I still try to get it right and every now and then I accomplish something that I can actually go out in public in. I love eyeliner despite it hating me. Not only do I have tons of trouble putting it on, but I also have eyes that seem to just reject eye liner and make it run all around my eyes unless it’s pretty waterproof. So I have 3 eyeliners I’ve used recently, 2 that I like and 1 that I wish I liked but don’t.

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