Makeup Free

So this week I’ve decided to go makeup free. This stems from a few things going on right now. First of all I read a Buzzfeed article about a lady going makeup free for a week and, although I have gone makeup free before, I hardly every leave my house now without at least mascara and under eye concealer. I wanted to give this a try for longer than a day or two. You can read that article here.

I never used to really care much about makeup. My mom never wore any and I don’t have any sisters so I never really had anyone to tell me how to use makeup, that was until I discovered Youtube. After watching some videos I was excited to try new things and see what I thought looked good, it was (and still is) fun. I feel like sometimes though, I start to get a little dependent on makeup. I start to feel not so pretty without it. I point out all my flaws like my under eyes or blemishes instead of really focusing on what makes me unique and beautiful in my own way. So recently I’ve noticed this a lot more than usual and, for me, that means I need a little break from it.

Sometimes my skin gets a little angry. It gets red, dry, oily, full of blemishes, and you name it. I feel like sometimes not only I need a break but my skin does too. I don’t really think it likes being all covered up all the time. I’ve still been cleaning it and moisturizing it for these couple days but there’s been no makeup on it. Honestly it’s already feeling less dry.

Maybe it’s just me but at least a lot of people I know have been pretty down lately for whatever reason, myself included. I know some people really like to focus on makeup and going all out on that when they’re feeling down but I’m kind of the opposite. I guess sometimes I do really want to go all out on makeup if I’m having a bad day or week but really I know that it won’t really help. I’ve kind of decided that without the makeup I can focus a little more on myself I guess, if that makes sense. It also opens up a ton of time in the morning to eat a good breakfast, take a long shower, or just get some extra sleep before school. That little bit of extra time has made me more productive throughout the day.

I’ve got a couple pretty big blemishes on my face so these first couple days have been really weird. I’ve really wanted to cover up the spots and also cover up my dark circles under my eyes. It’s amazing how dependent I’ve gotten on concealer. Honestly though, nobody looks at me or treats me any different. I still get people smiling at me when I walk by and little things like that. My family hasn’t said anything either (if my mom thought I looked bad she would say something). I’m sure some people have thought I look a little tired or something (please don’t tell people they look tired, it makes me feel terrible when people say I look tired) but it really hasn’t made a huge difference in how other see me and treat me, it’s been all about how I see myself.

So how’s your guys’ relationship with makeup? Maybe it would be nice to go makeup free for a while. Hopefully the start to your week has been a good one. It’s going to be a long week for me but Friday is only 3 days away. Always let me know what you think and what you want to see posted next in the comments. Have a great day guys and I’ll see you Thursday. 🙂