Physicians Formula ~ Bronze Minerals Eye Shadow Quad Review

20150925_145703A couple weeks ago my mom went through her makeup and gave me some of the stuff she wasn’t using. Most of it was really old or pretty poor quality stuff but one of them was this Physicians Formula eye shadow quad. I’m actually not sure where you can get these anymore. I know that she got hers at Ross and they sell them on Amazon and Ebay. If you’re lucky and find one at Ross then they are only about $3.

Price and Packaging:

If you’re lucky and get one of these at Ross then the price is excellent for the product you get. I would pay quite a bit more than $3 for this particular product so paying a regular drugstore price for this is well worth it. The packaging is a bit bulky to account for two different compartments. Both compartments stay closed very well so if you travel with this you don’t have to worry about it opening. The mirror and a brush are in the bottom compartment which keeps the mirror nice and clean but might be a little weird for actually applying the product. The brush is a fairly cheap sponge tip on one side a a small brush on the other. The brush itself is softer than most and I bet if I didn’t have my own makeup brushes I would be able to make it work.

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Real Techniques Brushes Review

I’m really big on drugstore items so when I heard so many good things about these brushes I knew I had to give them a try. I went out and got the expert face brush, the travel essentials set and the starter set. Overall I really like all the brushes I got.

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January Ipsy Bag Update!

IMG_2393 IMG_2392Alright it’s time for me to update you guys on this last month’s Ipsy bag since my new one shipped today. Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag that sends you usually 5 luxury samples and full size products for $10 a month. When you sign up you answer some questions about skin tone and what kind of products you like to help them pick products that will be good for you. You can click here to go to their website and click here to read my blog post from when I first got this month’s items (they’ll open in a new tab so don’t worry). I’ve actually been using the products quite a lot this month and I’ve really been enjoying them. I went and house sat for someone for a week and the bag everything came in definitely came in handy. I used it for some of my makeup and it worked really well. It’s cute and easy to clean.

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Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

I didn’t know what primer was until about a year and a half ago. I wish I had found something like this earlier because, like I’ve mentioned before, my eyes are terrible at keeping product in the spot I actually want to product. I end up with raccoon eyes and creasing, such a great look right? I had heard good things about both Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion so for me it was down to those two. I honestly don’t remember how I picked Shadow Insurance, they’re both the same price and lots of people say they are essentially both the same quality. I still haven’t tried Primer Potion so I can’t say whether the two are similar or not but I can say that I love Shadow Insurance. You can get this from Ulta for $20 which sounded like a lot to me (it was the most money I had ever spent on a makeup product at the time) but it lasts forever.

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First Ipsy Bag of 2015!

IMG_2392With a new month comes a new Ipsy bag! If you don’t know what Ipsy is it’s a monthly $10 beauty subscription bag that usually has 5 large samples or sometimes even full size hair, makeup, IMG_2393and beauty products. If you haven’t checked out last month’s bag you can click here for my initial views on it or here for my update/review on it. So this month’s theme was Fresh Start. To my knowledge everything in this month’s bag (at least the one I got) is a natural product. From the picture on Ipsy I didn’t think I was going to like this month’s bag itself but I actually really like it. It’s blue on one side and white on the other. The zipper is a nice salmony color. The material feels nice and seems like it would be easy to clean up if needed. I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but it has a little bit of an embossed pattern on the material which I really like. It’s actually probably one of the top bags I’ve gotten and I know I’ll use it.

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