Let’s Talk Hair

So let’s talk about hair. Toward the middle of summer I got my hair cut. I had hair down to my waist and I got it cut right above my shoulders. Honestly when I went in all I knew was that I wanted it above my shoulders because my hair getting caught under my purse straps was getting very annoying and I also knew I wanted straight across bangs.

11667467_10204052867874956_3886238882616023426_nGoing to get my hair cut was kind of a last minute decision so off to the local Great Clips it was. I know there are lots of people that are scared by places like this but I’ve had pretty good luck with them and where I live there aren’t many other options. I was a bit nervous this time because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I left with a haircut that I really loved. Don’t ask me to much about the haircut because all I know is that it was just above my shoulders, had straight across bangs, had some layers, and that she thinned it a bit in the back because my hair is super thick there. I really love having shorter hair and grew more and more confident as more people started comparing the hair to Taylor Swift’s cut. Really though, if you’re thinking about getting your hair cut just do it. It feels better, doesn’t get caught on everything, uses less product, and if you don’t like it you can just wait for it to grow out again.

999999-55086607414999999-79400082367As far as product goes, I mostly just use shampoo in the shower and sometimes add conditioner to the routine. I’ve been using the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and the Dove Revival Shampoo. Both are pretty budget friendly and both work great with my hair. Out of the two I have to say that I like the Intensive Repair better as it keeps my hair clean for longer and makes it softer. Both smell great and both make my hair look great. I already did a review on the conditioner/hair mask I use and I’m still using the same thing.

Recently I’ve been using heat on my hair more often. I already have very straight hair but I like to use a straightener on my shorter hair to make it all go the right way and make it so the ends don’t stick out at weird angles. I’ve been using the TRESemme Heat Tamer spray and I really think it helps to protect my hair and helps my hair hold whatever style. I don’t feel like my hair is getting damaged and the product smells good as well.

I don’t really use much product in my hair. What do you guys use in your hair? I could always use some great new products to try out. If you’ve gotten your hair cut recently let me know how you like it. I hope your week is going great, you’re halfway there. Have an amazing Wednesday and I’ll see you again on Friday.


February Let Downs :/

I really want to start doing favorites every month so I decided to start things off with some of the let downs this month for me. Maybe it will help you decide on whether you should buy something or not. Also, just because I say it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you, you may love it.

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February Ipsy Bag!


This month the estimated delivery date for my bag changed more than it usually does. First it was supposed to be here on Valentine’s day and then it got switched to the 23rd and then it finally showed up today. If you don’t know what an Ipsy bag is, it’s a $10 monthly subscription bag that sends you usually 5 deluxe samples or full size beauty products (makeup, hair, and skincare). You can go to their website and take a quiz so that the bags they send you are tailored to you and what you want. This month the bag was pink (Valentine’s Day) with little diamonds on the bottom part of it that were pink and grey. It’s not my favorite bag but as far as quality it’s the same as most other bags.

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Random Wednesday #2

Okay I really need to come up with a better name for Wednesdays, Random Wednesday just isn’t cutting it for me. It’s been a long week for me, I haven’t been sleeping well. Hopefully this second half of the week will go better and I’ll get some more sleep. I’ll post like usual and do an update during the weekend to let you all know what I have planned and such.


Liked it a lot better this length. Sorry for the messy hair and lack of makeup.


Bad lighting but this was it. Don’t really like the cut looking back though.

Do you ever want to just chop off your hair? I have hair probably down to my elbows and it’s really getting to the point where I just want it all gone. Originally I had kind of challenged myself to see how long I could get it (I’m so competitive and stubborn that I compete with myself) and once it started to get this long I told myself I would at least wait until the summer but now I just want it gone. But then, of course, I remember that if I do that I can’t braid it and stuff so I’m stuck (also not so great at making decisions).


And the start of the fringe. Still liked the length. Also had it strawberry blonde, only time I’ve colored it.

1455052_10200596764914542_2060313296_n (1)

And bangs again but with long hair.

The last time I cut my hair was the end of 2013 and that was just cutting my bangs. The last time I really cut it was mid 2012 and I had it really short then, like chin length. I really like growing it out long and then getting it cut really short. By the time it gets really long I’m pretty ready for a change and I also get to donate it most of the time. Right now it’s just kind of annoying. I hardly ever wear it down (it’s almost always in a ponytail or braid) and when I do wear it down it’s so hair to keep it looking nice. My hair likes to all hang out together so it looks messy pretty quickly (it’s not tangled really it’s just messy if that makes sense) and my hair is pretty flat and extremely straight so I can’t get it to do much for very long.

I haven’t decided yet when I’ll get it cut but it will probably be soon. Maybe I’ll do a haircut update on a Wednesday sometime when I finally get it done. What short haircuts do you guys like? I like some of the pixi cuts but I’m probably too scared to do it and don’t want to deal with growing it out. I also like the blunt kind of bob looks. Let me know what you guys think, I can always use ideas. Hope your week is going great and that you’re getting more sleep than I am. Have a stupendous day and I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

Dry Winter Hair

I live up in the northwest so our winters get pretty cold and sometimes pretty dry.Obviously that’s not the best thing for my hair (or skin for that matter but that’s a different blog post). I have really long hair (like to my elbows) so the ends are already not in the best condition and the weather in the winter just adds to that. I don’t use heat on it very often (at the most it would be maybe twice a month) because my hair is super straight and doesn’t like to curl and I’ve only ever colored it once so I have relatively healthy hair and I can still feel effects from the winter weather. This time last year I was only using a shampoo and sometimes a conditioner but nothing else. My hair was alright but it was nothing like it is now. I got a certain hair product in an Ipsy bag (So many of my product discoveries are because of Ipsy. You’ll probably get tired of me saying that I got a product in an Ipsy bag) and it was the first product from Ipsy that I went out and bought a full size of, I actually got two products from the brand. Eva NYC was a brand that I had never heard of and I had never really felt the need to do a hair mask and the thought of putting more oil in my hair seemed silly. I got a deep conditioning hair mask in Ipsy though and right once I was down to one last use of the sample I went out and bought more and even bought the oil treatment. Overall my hair feels so much better now than it did last year but let’s talk about the two products more specifically.

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

So this morning I got up for class and you know what, I didn’t really feel like taking a shower. I already don’t wash my hair everyday because it’s better for it so my hair was starting to look a bit oily. Thank goodness I had dry shampoo. If you haven’t used dry shampoo (I hadn’t used dry shampoo until probably last year) then it’s a powder that you put in your hair to soak up oils so that your hair looks clean even without washing it that day. It also helps add some volume if you have trouble with that. I’ve tried probably 3 or 4 dry shampoos and Batiste is the best that I’ve tried but I still wouldn’t say that it’s my holy grail dry shampoo.

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Random Wednesday

Alright I’m going to start off with a little explanation/warning. So college has started back up for me and most days that isn’t a problem but Wednesdays I have class from 12-4 and then church from 6-9 so I’m pretty packed on those days. I still want to post something though. I’m thinking Wednesday will either be a shorter post or something random (I’ll probably try to be clever or something. I’m not that clever though so we’ll see how that turns out). I might make Wednesday my day that is a non-beauty related post or just a random post in general. If you hate the idea of Wednesday being a random post day then let me know and I’ll just post a small review or outfit of the day or something on Wednesdays.

So like I said school has started back up for me. I only have 2 classes (the last two I need for my associates) which isn’t bad but I have a stats class at 7:30 in the morning 2 days a week. I haven’t had a class that early since high school. Basically mornings hate me and I hate mornings so I don’t know what I was thinking signing up for a class so early. Even today with a class that started at 12 I was almost late. How can people even function at 7 in the morning though? I actually want to know. How do people do that, what’s your secret? For my 10 o’clock class a couple semesters ago I had to set like 3 different alarms on my phone and iPod to make sure I would wake up and then always make sure I had my coffee. I just can’t function in the mornings.

So there’s my plea for help. Basically that has been my first week of class so far, wondering how people can take a 7:30 am class and pass. To make this beauty related, what do you guys do for makeup, hair, and outfit on an early morning or a day you’re running late? Right now in the cold months stretchy skinny jeans or leggings and a sweater are my go to. Actually that’s my go to on days when I’m not running late as well, I just love sweaters. I wish it was appropriate to wear sweaters year round. My hair is pretty easy, I can run a bush through it and I’m good to go. I don’t regularly style it because it’s already so straight and doesn’t like to hold curls. If I do something other than just brushing it I usually just put it in a high ponytail or a side braid. The side braid has kind of been my signature lately. For makeup I get really lazy on early mornings. Usually I through on a concealer or two under my eyes (if it’s early and I haven’t gotten enough sleep my under eyes really need the help) and around my nose and chin (the places with the most ugly spots) and then I curl my lashes and put on some mascara. If I get really crazy I put on some blush and highlight my eyes a bit to make me look more awake. So what do you guys do on days like that? I think we could all use some tips to make things faster in the mornings or to give us more ideas, I know I could sure use the help.

I hope the week is going well for everyone. If it’s not going well then you’re half way there and I hope the rest of the week goes better. Hopefully I’ll keep the content somewhat interesting for these days when I’m busy. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!