Scorch Trials ~ Movie Review

I love movies and I love to read so when a movie based on a book comes out, I get really excited and also nervous. If I’ve read the book that the movie is based on, I want to movie to follow it the best they can. That being said, Scorch Trials is a movie you need to go into knowing that it’s more inspired by the book than based off of it. It’s been a while since I’ve read the book but even I noticed that there were a lot of changes and some of them were pretty major changes. I understood that some of the changes happened because of changes that happened in the first movie but others seemed like they were changed for no reason. I’m not going to talk about each and every change they made but if you’ve seen it let me know what you think about all the changes.


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Covergirl Smoochies Review

So this is kind of a nice product to have in your purse. I have 3 different colors and you can usually get then for around $4 or $5. You get quite a bit of product compared to most lippies out now. These give you some sheer color and are also supposed to moisturize (as they are a lip balm) I actually like these quite a bit. For a lip balm I don’t want anything with too much color, I just want something I can apply easily throughout the day whenever I want.

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Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

I didn’t know what primer was until about a year and a half ago. I wish I had found something like this earlier because, like I’ve mentioned before, my eyes are terrible at keeping product in the spot I actually want to product. I end up with raccoon eyes and creasing, such a great look right? I had heard good things about both Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion so for me it was down to those two. I honestly don’t remember how I picked Shadow Insurance, they’re both the same price and lots of people say they are essentially both the same quality. I still haven’t tried Primer Potion so I can’t say whether the two are similar or not but I can say that I love Shadow Insurance. You can get this from Ulta for $20 which sounded like a lot to me (it was the most money I had ever spent on a makeup product at the time) but it lasts forever.

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December Ipsy Update!

Finally getting around to an update on last month’s Ipsy bag. I wanted to have enough time to try all of the products and my next Ipsy bag has shipped so I figured this was a good time to update everyone. If you don’t know what Ipsy is it’s a monthly $10 subscription bag that sends you usually 5 different luxury sample and full sized beauty products to try. You take a little quiz that helps them tailor products to you. I love it, it’s like Christmas every month. If you want to check out my initial thoughts on December’s products then click here. And now onto the actual products.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick Review

Alright I’m pretty excited about this one guys. I got these because I saw someone on Youtube say that they were fantastic. You can watch that video here. I was a little skeptical so I only got two of the colors Daringly Nude and Touch of Spice. Ulta says that these are $7.99 but they’re only around $5 at both Target and Walmart. As a matte lipstick they should have no shine or shimmer. Lots of people expect a matte lipstick to go on a little chalky and be quite drying.

I have to see that these lipsticks go on really well. They’re creamy feeling and pretty close to opaque in one swipe. The finish is definitely matte (more so than something like the Rimmel matte lipsticks which are also great). I don’t really notice these drying out my lips too much either which is a problem I have with a lot of lipsticks. I usually wear an eos lip balm underneath them (I really like it under matter lipsticks because it doesn’t add too much shine but still moisturizes). There are 10 shades ranging from neutral everyday colors to bright pinks to deep red. I do wish that there was a bit more selection but I’m sure if they stay popular they could add colors. The staying power is fantastic. I have the hardest time finding a lip product that will stay on my lips but these do the job. I may need to touch up a tiny bit after eating but that’s really the only time I would maybe feel the need to touch up. I don’t know exactly how long they stay but they are always still on whenever I get home and go to take my makeup off. One thing that has happened a few times is I get a buildup of the product on the outside part of my lips. There’s still color everywhere but the product itself kinda moved to the outside and that didn’t look good. This only happened maybe twice and I think it has something to do with how much I had on my lips but I thought I would mention it. It doesn’t settle into my lines and it goes on smooth. One thing that could possibly put people off is the smell. It smells kind of like terracotta. It isn’t a super strong smell and I only smell it when I apply it so it doesn’t bother me too much.

IMG_2311The first color is Daringly Nude. This is actually a pretty good nude for me. It looks a little peachy toned in the swatch but it’s more of a pinky IMG_2297nude color. In certain lights it just looks straight up¬†pink on me instead of nude. It isn’t too nude so it doesn’t completely blend into my skin. It just lightens my lips a little and I think this looks great with a nice smokey eye. You can see it doesn’t really settle into my lines and it applies great.




IMG_2315The other color I have is Touch of Spice. I love this one. It’s a medium dusty warm pink with a little bit of brown. On me IMG_2301it’s the perfect color to add a little drama but is still okay to wear in the day time. It might come of as more of a nude on people with darker skin but on me it’s far too dark for that. This also looks really good with a little bit of Daringly Nude in the center of the lip. It goes on well and lasts super long.

IMG_2313 IMG_2303










Overall I love these. They go on great with no streaks or settling into lines. They last an amazing amount of time. I definitely need to go pick up some more of these the dark red one looks fantastic. I would definitely suggest checking these out especially when you can get them for just around $5. I give these a 9 out of 10. See you guys Monday!

Short Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Review

Today is just going to be a short post. It was a long day but I still wanted to put at least something small up for you guys. I’ve been wanting to try a new powder since I’ve been using the same one pretty much since I started wearing makeup. The powder I use is fine but I don’t really have anything to compare it to. The one I use is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I usually use the transparent one. I think the lightest shade is Sandstorm and I only use that in the summer or if my foundation is a little too light. It looks like it would be the perfect color for me but ends up being a little too dark.

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My 3 Foundations

Today I want to talk foundation. I have three different foundations I use for different reasons. All of them are drugstore foundations. I have yet to try a more high-end foundation so if you have any that you think are amazing please let me know, I would love to try some. Currently I use Revlon Colorstay, Covergirl outlast stay fabulous, and Rimmel Match Perfection. Just for reference, my skin is weird. It changes a lot and definitely has drier and more oily¬†patches on it. So I guess that would make it combo. I also have fairly sensitive acne prone skin. It gets red easily and I still haven’t figured out everything that can make me breakout.

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